Leather Protector
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Leather Protector

Leather Protector !

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MX Care Teflon® Leather protector provides a durable, invisible barrier.
Against water, oil, dirt and stains plus superior UV resistance..
Superior stain protection while preserving the look, quality, touches and color of the leather
Teflon® protection product Life can reach up to 2 years.

Leather (All types of material), Theater Seats, Cinema Seats, Airplane Seats, Bags, Purses, Car Seats, Child Seats, Yachts, Tents…

1.    SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE, ALWAYS TEST ON A SMALL AREA FOR COLOR CHANGE before applying the product on the whole surface.
2.    Spread the product evenly on the leather with a clean cloth, apply a second coat after 40 min. if needed.
3.    Allow drying and waiting for 24h before using the material.
4.    1 lit will cover around 30 m2 surface.

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