Rowenta Corded Bagless Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner
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Rowenta Corded Bagless Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

Rowenta Compact Power is a lightweight and simple stationary cyclone hoover for dry cleaning available online to shop on at the best price in Lebanon.

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ROWENTA Compact Power XXL is a stationary cyclone hoover for dry cleaning. Lightweight and simple. Uses a German Effitech motor.


The power is adjusted by means of the air flap located on the handle.

The cord is rewound by pressing the button located on the body of the hoover.

The on/off button is located on the body of the vacuum cleaner.

The hose is secured with the Lock System - a threaded connection between the hose and the body designed so that during cleaning the hose is securely locked and will not unscrew. This connection is renowned for its durability.

The hose handle is removable.

If debris accidentally gets stuck on the bend of the handle, it can be detached and cleaned.

The air flow exits from the front upwards.


The container is cleaned in a few movements.

The coarse particle separator is removable, which makes cleaning the container easy and quick.

The container itself and the separator can be rinsed under the tap if necessary.

Always wipe dry before use.

The synthetic filter should not be washed after every cleaning.

It should only be washed when the hoover has noticeably lost power and the dustbin is empty.

You don't have to empty the bin after every cleaning, but only when the level of debris exceeds the line marked on the walls of the bin.

The fine filter should be cleaned when the hoover has lost power and the dustbin and synthetic filter are clean.

You can clean it at home with the brush that comes with it, or tap it against a bin.


The hoover is equipped with a synthetic filter, which can easily be washed with soap and water by hand under the tap.

Dry the filter without overheating in a warm, dry place.

Complete drying after 12 hours.

At the outlet there is a fine air filter (10 HEPA filter, filtration level 99.9 %), which allows the user not to breathe dust at the outlet of the hoover.

Thus, all the dirt collected by the hoover remains inside without the possibility of escaping.

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