Braun Breakfast1 Coffee Maker
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Braun Breakfast1 Coffee Maker

So you can enjoy perfect coffee with the Braun drip coffee maker available online to shop on at the best price in Lebanon.

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An affordable solution for perfect coffee

It's no secret that the same coffee beans can be prepared in completely different ways, using different roasting and brewing techniques.

So you can enjoy perfect coffee with the Braun drip coffee maker.

And the flavor of the drink will be unique in its own way because of the peculiarities of preparation.

Boiled and turned into steam water in the reservoir of the coffee maker, mixed with ground beans in the container, and then gets into the cup in the form of a finished drink.

And its taste will pleasantly surprise even connoisseurs-coffeemakers.

Perhaps this recipe is not comparable to the classic espresso or Americano, but this does not mean that coffee prepared in a drip coffee maker is in any way worse.

It's just a matter of taste and personal preference.

As for practicality and convenience, it is hardly necessary to prove that it is much easier to place a small-sized device in an office canteen or kitchen than a "big" multifunctional coffee machine.

Technical specifications

Power consumption - 1000 watts. This model is technically, of course, much simpler than a coffee machine, but it is quite technological and automated.

Thus, thanks to OptiBrew technology, the device itself selects the optimal brewing temperature to get the ideal result for each cup.

And such cups, by the way, with one filling of the tank with water you can get 10 at once.

The sturdy glass flask holds 1.3 liters of water and has measuring scales for convenience.


Power: 1000W

Auto shut-off after 40 mins

10 cup AromaCarafe 

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