Culina Gusto Gas Oven 60x60
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Culina Gusto Gas Oven 60x60

Are you ready to take your pizza-making game to another level? Look no further than the Culina Gusto Gas Oven! Buy online on Pizza oven that's allowing you to cook pizzas, breads, and other delicious dishes at the best price in Lebanon.

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Get ready to experience the best of both worlds with Culina Gusto Gas Oven! Our oven combines the convenience of a gas-powered oven with the traditional Italian-style pizza making experience. This oven is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use, allowing you to cook pizzas, breads, and other delicious dishes with ease. With its robust construction and modern design, you can be sure that your Culina Gusto Gas Oven will last for years to come.

Preheat the pizza stone for 25-30 minutes before cooking. Need more time to preheat if on adverse weather condition.

Don’t leave away while preheating and cooking. Cool down the pizza oven and stone at least for one hour before storage.

It’s okay to bake 4 pizzas right after each other.

But if you’re baking more than that, It’s recommend to give the stone 5 minutes to come back up to temperature after every four pizzas.


Manual ignition-  Steel floor - Indoor and outdoor

Heavyduty - 3 gas burners - Thermal insolated chamber

Gas oven 60 x 60 - Baking space 60cm x 50cm

Depth 62 cm - Width 60 cm - Height 72 cm

Pipe diameter 10 cm.

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