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Pyrex Metal Easy-grip Pizza Pan
LBP 995,495
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Unleash your creativity, have fun! Pyrex® created ASIMETRIA, a range of dishes with extra-large ergonomic handles for comfortable grip. Thanks to its non-stick textured coating, Asimetria guarantees an effortless release of all your recipes, even the more creative ones. The range is optimal to ensure even cooking and easy cleaning. Result: push the limits of the creativity with Asimetria!
Pyrex Metal Springform
LBP 1,405,405
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Ridged underside + non stick coating = effortless food release- Easy food release even for the most difficult bakes, thanks to it's loose base- Carbon steel for even cooking and great durability- Optimal storing: space-saving and completely stackable
Pyrex Oval Roaster With Rack
LBP 2,049,550
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For an irresistibly generous cuisine! Roasted chicken, gratin, leg of lamb ... for generous family cooking, the Pyrex® IRRESISTIBLE range is ideal. Deep borosilicate glass dishes, ultra resistant, and practical thanks to their large integrated handles.