List of products by brand Yves Morel

Yves Morel Powder Puff
L£40,950 Save 45%
Soft Make Up Applicator, always suits your skin. This sponge is for multiple time use however one should dispose the sponge once deformed. If you want then you can clean and air dry the sponge. Antibacterial feature keeps you away from all the skin related issues while you are touching up. Sponge material
Yves Morel Nail Buffer
L£24,570 Save 45%
Double-sided emery boards capable of filing nails and removing stains with a light touch. No more damaged nails and more smooth edges. Use the different sides of the block to file edges, remove ridges, smooth, and shine! Natural polish without using any additional product.
Yves Morel Liquid Eye Liner
L£114,660 Save 45%
The traditional liquid liner is a must-have for a broad, bold, natural and fine look Remove excess product from tip, and beginning at the corner of the eye, flick brush upwards for the perfect cat eye or wing. For a classic eyeliner look, apply eyeliner close to upper lash line. Allow product to dry, touching up if necessary