List of products by brand gorenje

Gorenje Chopper 1.5L 500W
L£1,441,441 Save 58.13%
Gorenje Chopper 1.5L 500W Fasten your food preparation! Quickly chop larger chunks of vegetables and fruit. The chopper can be used to chop fruit, vegetables, herbs, or nuts. Simply press the appliance base unit downwards to start chopping. The pulse function allows chopping in intervals, leaving you fully in control of the operation. The chopper is an ideal helper when making dishes with a variety of different textures. Use it to quickly chop larger chunks of vegetables or fruit, grind nuts, or make a creamy purée.
Gorenje Hair Straightener Brush Ceramic Ionic 199°C
L£684,685 Save 58.13%
Gorenje Hair Straightener Brush Ceramic Ionic 199°C A beautiful and stylish gadget with which you not only quickly dry your hair, but also achieve the desired shape simply by combing. The hair is evenly distributed in thin strands, gently drying, and thanks to the shape of the bristles, they do not get tangled.  As a result, you get smooth, straightened strands from root to tip.
Gorenje Hand Blender 600W
L£2,126,126 Save 58.13%
Gorenje Hand Blender 600W With one move your blender will turn into a whisking specialist. Fast and effective. Chopper attachment is a great supplement to a hand blender. Together they master almost every kitchen task. The turbo button will ensure maximum speed the moment you activate it. It will come in handy when you need top power right away. Stainless steel finish on the appliance adds a touch of elegance and guarantees a longer useful life. With your thumb you will change speed during operation. A real time saver.
Gorenje Juice Extractor 900W
L£3,207,207 Save 58.13%
Gorenje Juice Extractor 900W After use, slowly pour one litre of lukewarm water into the feeding tube while the appliance is operating. On its way to the juice container, the water will thoroughly clean any fruit and vegetable residues. After use, rinse the filter and clean it with the supplied brush. CAPACITY: 1.5 L POWER: 900 W BODY MATERIAL: STAINLESS
Gorenje Turkish Coffee Maker 0.3L 300W
L£1,045,045 Save 58.13%
Gorenje Turkish Coffee Maker 0.3L 300W Power cord is attached to the separate power base so you can fill and pour freely. Power base is equipped with cord storage for easy handling of the power cord. All-round rotation facility ensures easy handling of the kettle. No more cord tangling, as you can put the pot on the base from whatever side you wish. CUP CAPACITY: 4 CUPS