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Boecker Microbecs HC RTU For Healthcare Sector
LBP 195,000
LBP 200,000 Save 2.5%
Ready-to-use disinfectant for healthcare facilities that works against Gram– and Gram+ bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae including Mycobacterium sp., Pseudomonas sp., HIV, Candida albicans, Coronaviruses, HxNy, MRSA and others. It is stable in the presence of oxygen, ultraviolet rays and 30% organic matter like soiled surfaces and utensils.
Tefal Classic Body Scale
LBP 901,436
LBP 924,550 Save 2.5%
Practical and efficient, this electronic scale is easy to use.  Tefal Classic offers a maximum load of 160 kg, with a slim design that will easily find its place in your home.  Switching on automatically as soon as you step on the scale and switching off after 10 seconds without use. 
Grundig Body Scale Bamboo Digital 180Kg Max
LBP 1,335,135
LBP 1,405,405 Save 5%
Grundig Body Scale Bamboo Digital 180Kg Max Elegant digital body weight scales with strong, hygienic bamboo platform (15 mm): well-being for feet! LCD display with blue backlight and extra large numbers (40 mm) Comfortable auto on function: measured body weight appears in the display within 3 seconds only, without tapping before.