Conqueror Money Counter with Counterfeit Alarm and UV/MG Detection
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Conqueror Money Counter with Counterfeit Alarm and UV/MG Detection

The Conqueror Money Counter with Counterfeit Alarm and UV/MG Detection is a high-quality currency counting machine designed for efficient and accurate handling of banknotes available online to shop on at the best price in Lebanon.

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Counterfeit Detection: The machine is equipped with advanced counterfeit detection technology, including Ultraviolet (UV) and Magnetic (MG) detection capabilities. This ensures that counterfeit bills are easily identified during the counting process, helping to safeguard against fraud.

High-Speed Counting: The Conqueror Money Counter is engineered for rapid counting, allowing users to process large quantities of cash quickly and efficiently. Its high-speed counting mechanism helps save time and increase productivity in cash-handling tasks.

Accurate Counting: With precision sensors and reliable mechanisms, this money counter ensures accurate counting of banknotes without errors or discrepancies. It provides confidence in the total count, minimizing the risk of mistakes in financial transactions.

User-Friendly Interface: The machine features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to operate for users of all levels. Clear digital displays and simple control buttons streamline the counting process, reducing the need for extensive training or technical knowledge.

Batching and Adding Functions: It offers convenient batching and adding functions, allowing users to set predefined batch sizes for organizing cash bundles and to continuously add to the total count without interrupting the process.

Quiet Operation: Despite its powerful performance, the Conqueror Money Counter operates quietly, minimizing noise disruptions in office environments or retail settings where concentration and customer comfort are important.

Durable Construction: Built with durable materials and a robust design, this money counter is designed to withstand regular use in busy commercial settings. It offers long-term reliability and durability, ensuring a dependable cash-handling solution for businesses of all sizes.

Overall, the Conqueror Money Counter with Counterfeit Alarm and UV/MG Detection – OBC003 provides a comprehensive solution for efficient, accurate, and secure currency counting, making it an essential tool for businesses, banks, retailers, and other organizations that deal with cash transactions on a daily basis.

• Conqueror Money counter identifies abnormal bills and banknotes by using UV/MG detection method

• Built in counterfeit alarm while detecting any false bill

• Built in automatic start, stop, clearing zero and intelligent self-checking ability before work

• Combined with 3 counting mode present, add, and batch

• Can count over 1200pcs/min

• Built in half note checking capacity

• Built in Euro standard external adaptor

• Power consumption: maximum 90 watt

• Power source: 12V 5A

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