Optimal Baby High Chair 2 in 1
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OPTIMAL MULTIFUNCTIONAL HIGH CHAIR.FROM 6 MONTHS TO 3 YEARS | UP TO 20 KGS. 2 IN 1 CHAIR: The baby high chair with the growth design is suitable from 6 months to 3 years old, you canquickly disassemble the legs of the HIGH chair and convert it into a LOW chair perfect for playtime or you can useit according to your actual need.
Optimal Baby Stroller With Basket
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Optimal Stroller is reshaping baby mobility in a way to flow seamlessly into your modern lifestyle. Whether navigating the city pavement or cruising the parks and beaches, Optimal Stroller allows you and your little one to enjoy a secure and comfortable ride. Optimal believes that modern parents are looking for a stroller that is not simply functional, but fits their lifestyle as well. Adapt to 15 Kg.
Tommee Tippee Digital Monitor
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The Closer to Nature Digital Sound Monitors have a long distance range of up to 300 metres, relaying evey single sound made by your baby to the parent unit whether indoors or outdoors. The monitor is also fitted with an out of range indicator, so parents will know if the link is lost.
Tommee Tippee Bottle and Teat Brush ( Pink - Blue or Orange )
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The new conception Tommee Tippee Essentials Bottle and Teat Brush compiles of one wide end for cleaning the baby bottle and a more end to be able to clean the teat. The nylon bristles and non-slip handle means that you can clean your baby bottle simple and effective. Soft, durable nylon bristles on the brush are sponge-free for hygienic cleaning. Specially-designed teat cleaner with half head, flexible brush design for thorough 360 cleaning.