Toilet Bowl Cleaner Toilet Bowl Cleaner
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Toilet Bowl Cleaner

5 liter Toilet Bowl Cleaner !

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A powerful acid toilet and urinal cleaner/de-scaler.
Used daily to safely clean, deodorize and descale both ceramic and stainless-steel toilet surfaces.
The green viscous liquid de-scaler clings to sanitary ware surfaces to improve cleaning action.

Suitable for a wide variety of cleaning operations in housekeeping and building services applications as a damp wipe surface and floor cleaner. Cleans & disinfect floors, walls, toilet cubicles, urinals, sluice rooms, wash basins, tiled areas and tables

Product is used directly from the bottle as a ready to go solution and requires no dilution with water. Suitable for daily washroom cleaning of toilets, urinals and another sanitary ware.
Before use, flush toilet to remove all debris and allow the water to settle. Using a toilet brush, force some of the water in the bowl around the U-bend by digging the brush up and down in the water. This will allow the product contact time with any mineral salts/scale at the water level.

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