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Tefal Silence Force Vacuum Cleaner
LBP 12,120,000
LBP 20,200,000 Save 40%
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This smooth and silent vacuum delivers powerful dirt removal across all surfaces, with three levels of filtration capturing over 99.99% of dust. Equipped with the new Deep Clean Head that efficiently removes dust deep down from carpets, rugs, tiles, parquet and all types of floors. Dust bag: 4.50 L Power consumption: 2200 W
Tefal So Easy Ceramic Rectangular Baking Dish
LBP 808,800
LBP 1,348,000 Save 40%
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Tradition and modernity combined!So Easy was conceived to respond to a major problem with ceramic dishware: the cleaning.Finally, prepare delicious browned dishes without spending hours on clean-up.Moist cooking is guaranteed and dishes are kept warm throughout the meal.Endowed with wide edges to facilitate handling in and out of the oven, it is truly So Easy to use every day.
Tefal Chef Delight Copper Frypan
LBP 1,023,000
LBP 1,705,000 Save 40%
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The best way to cook day after day!The Tefal Chef's Delight frypan with copper-tone finish and copper-effect handle ensures great results you can count on day after day. The deep shape produces generous meals ideal for any occasion, with a TITANIUM PRO non-stick coating for exceptional quality and effortless clean-up, and high-quality materials designed for long-lasting performance.