Conqueror Power Inverter 800W Charger 12V DC to 220V AC
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Conqueror 800 Watt Power Inverter Charger can be used in conjunction with a battery (not included) to power your household appliances during electricity outage emergencies When there is electricity, AC is recognized by the inverter charger, and it will charge the batteries (not included). At an electricity cut, the unit will switch over to DC mode and power your household electrical equipment off of the batteries that the power inverter has been charging.
Njoy UPS Keen 1000 VA
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The UPS provides outlets for connected equipment to insure temporary uninterrupted operation during a power failure and against surges and spikes 4 Schuko Battery backup and surge protection. Auto-Restart while AC is recovering. Do not attach non-computer-related items, such as medical equipment, life-support equipment, microwave ovens, or vacuum cleaners to UPS.
Njoy UPS Keen 800 VA
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Electrical outlets: 2 x Schuko battery backup and surge protection Battery / AC transfer time: Typically 4 ms Automatic restart during AC recovery - Lightning and surge protection Recharging the battery for at least 8 hours is recommended to ensure that the battery's maximum charge capacity is achieved.