Lenovo Wired Keyboard and Mouse
L£360,360 Save 47.5%
Compatible with multiple systems Windows, iOS and terminal devices with USB interface UV process, the characters are clearly visible, durable and wear-resistant, rounded keycaps make the fingers fit the keyboard, feel better, and reduce fatigue in office typing Adjustable bracket to maintain a comfortable wrist posture in daily use UBS interface plug and play, easy to operate simple and convenient.
Promate Combo Wired Keyboard And Mouse
L£252,252 Save 47.5%
It has the elegance and strength of a strong gaming keyboard and mouse set. It is a lifesaver for people who work on their computers for hours together. The Promate Combo-KM1 is very easy to use with the simple plug and play way. Simply plug it into your USB Port and start to explore. No hassle of third party software and other installations. The Combo-KM1 is compatible with all the Windows and Mac-based PCs and Laptops. Just connect it to a free USB Port and you're ready to explore.
Hikvision Keyboard
L£6,216,216 Save 47.5%
Switch the keyboard mode by key.• DVR menu control function.• PTZ control.• Setting and calling the preset, patrol, and pattern.• Switch the Video Wall display and set the Video Wall layout.• Video switch control for the analog matrix.