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Electrolux PerfectCare Washer Dryer
LBP 41,810,811
LBP 42,882,883 Save 2.5%
Your clothes, cleaned and dried in one go Our PerfectCare 700 washer dryer cleans your clothes in one convenient dry-to-dry cycle. Its DualCare system detects the fabric type and load weight, then adjusts the temperature and drum movement to provide the utmost care for every item. Ensuring fabrics look and feel like new for longer.
Electrolux Washer Perfect Care
LBP 38,613,514
LBP 39,603,604 Save 2.5%
In our advanced PerfectCare 800 washing machine with UltraCare System, detergents and softener are fully activated in water before they reach the load. Giving your garments a thorough and consistent clean, quickly and gently. * Washing capacity: 10 Kg *Maximum spin speed: 1600 rpm *Motor: TC2 - Permanent Magnet Motor *Dimensions (cm): H: 85 x W: 60 x D: 63.1 *Color: White Delivery fees upon request. Made in Italy