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Yves Morel Clear French
LBP 41,441
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The classy French look is guaranteed even more sass with the garnishing Clear French product The anti-oxidizing formula helps in nourishing the nails, and preventing any yellowness. The product also promotes moisture retention, and strength through UV absorption.
Yves Morel Contouring Stick
LBP 38,919
LBP 57,658 Save 32.5%
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Lift And Sculpt Like A pro With Easy To Use. Creamy finish. Highlight and contour ends. Double-ended: Shimmer highlighting cream & matte contouring cream. For eyes & faces. Highlights, sculpts & defines. Long lasting. Blends easily.
Yves Morel Eye Liner Haute Precision
LBP 72,072
LBP 106,773 Save 32.5%
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Intense and defined look to be impeccable in every situation If you are dreaming of an intense and defined look to be impeccable in every situation, you should try this liquid eye liner its formula has been enriched with carbon black and two different film former's to provide your eyelids with every deep black line.
Yves Morel Lip Pencils
LBP 45,045
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The slim lip pencils are your perfect go-to product for filling uneven areas Outline the lips with this creamy pencil. Follow your favorite complementary lip color for a perfectly defined pout.You can also use this as a lip color by filling the entire lip.
Yves Morel Liquid Eye Liner
LBP 76,576
LBP 113,446 Save 32.5%
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The traditional liquid liner is a must-have for a broad, bold, natural and fine look Remove excess product from tip, and beginning at the corner of the eye, flick brush upwards for the perfect cat eye or wing. For a classic eyeliner look, apply eyeliner close to upper lash line. Allow product to dry, touching up if necessary
Yves Morel Nail Buffer
LBP 18,018
LBP 26,693 Save 32.5%
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Double-sided emery boards capable of filing nails and removing stains with a light touch. No more damaged nails and more smooth edges. Use the different sides of the block to file edges, remove ridges, smooth, and shine! Natural polish without using any additional product.