5 Liter Manual Potwash With Free  250ml Push Pull
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5 Liter Manual Potwash With Free 250ml Push Pull

5 Liter Manual Potwash With Free  250ml Push Pull !

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A powerful concentrated neutral detergent.
Primarily used as a manual washing up liquid at homes and in commercial kitchens.
Where high volume used requires ultimate control.
It can also be used at high dilutions for general cleaning.
Quick drying and long lasting antibacterial activity.

Used for washing up pans, utensils and other catering equipment. Designed to remove starches, grease and stubborn residues from larger catering utensils. Remember, highly soiled items should be soaked in a hot water and chemical solution before normal washing up commences.

Remove food debris then manually wash dishes or equipment and allow sufficient time
for the product to penetrate the soiling, agitating heavily soiled areas if necessary. Rinse with fresh clean water or wipe down with a clean damp cloth.

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