Rectangular Frame Pools

Intex Prism Frame Pool Set
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The Prism Frame™ Rectangular pool is designed to fit any backyard.The pools are built to provide extra swimming space and will hold more pool water than the traditional Round Frame pools, allowing swimmers to appreciate the maximized swimming area!Product Size     4.88m x 2.44m x 1.07cmWater Capacity (90%)  10,874 L (2,873 gal)Filter Pump     3,785 L (1,000 gal) / hour Includes: Filter - cover - ladder - mat
Intex Rectangular Pool Framed
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With this pool Rectangular Frame 28272NP Intex you will be able to cool down instantly in your garden!Drilling resistant three-layer materials provide additional strength and durability of the pool. The sturdy steel frame ensures a stable construction. The pool can be built quickly and easily. It is easily maintained and stored when not in use. Take the rectangular pool at home and enjoy the pleasant summer afternoons with your family!Sturdy steel framePuncture resistant 3-layer materialsDimensions: 300 х 200 x 75 cm (D x W x H)Capacity of 3834 liters (90% filled)Ready to fill in 30 minutesNot suitable for children under 6 years