Choose Your Own Set of 6 Handmade Mini Scrubs
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Choose Your Own Set of 6 Handmade Mini Scrubs

Mini Scrubs List:

1. Aloe Vera Scrub.
2. Chocolate Scrub.
3. Coffee Scrub.
4. Honey Scrub.
5. Himalayan Salt Scrub.
6. Lemon Scrub.
7. Mint & Moroccan Tea Scrub.
8. Oatmeal Scrub.
9. Orange Scrub.
10. Rose Petals Scrub.
11. Rose Water & Honey Scrub.
12. Shea Butter Scrub.

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Choose your own Set of 6 Mini Scrubs.

30 grams each.

The choice is given 6 times between:

Mini Scrub 1:
Aloe Vera or Oatmeal.
Mini Scrub 2:
Orange or Lemon.
Mini Scrub 3:
Rose Petals or Mint & Moroccan Tea.
Mini Scrub 4:
Coffee or Rose Water & Honey.
Mini Scrub 5:
Shea Butter or Himalayan Salt.
Mini Scrub 6:
Honey or Chocolate.  

1. Wet your Body.
2. Rub and Scrub your body with the product.
3. Leave it on your body for 15-20 min.
4. Wash.

Apply Procedure twice a week.
If oils are separated from other components, Stir and Mix them.

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