Drums & Tambourines

Digital Electronic 9 Pads Drum Set Compact Size Roll-Up
LBP 3,513,514
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Waterproof electronic drum set, specially designed for drum set learning & practicing of kids or beginners, very convenient to carry and store • Built-in dual speaker, also can be connected to an external speaker or headphone • USB connection to use with audio recording software and virtual instruments • Drum Set with 9 touch Beat Pads, 2 Pedals, 2 Drum Sticks, Audio Cable, USB Cable
ABC Tambourine Wood Design Musical Instrument
LBP 319,410
LBP 425,880 Save 25%
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Lightweight Tambourine designed with wood handle and metal jingles • Well-designed handle with 25 cm Diameter, very comfortable to hold in hand and it won't fall off easily • 8 Pairs of metal jingles, comes out with melodious plink attracting kids' attention • Great addition to your dancing, karaoke or jam sessions, church choirs, or an excellent addition to your Drum set