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Digital Electronic 9 Pads Drum Set Compact Size Roll-Up
LBP 6,243,243
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Waterproof electronic drum set, specially designed for drum set learning & practicing of kids or beginners, very convenient to carry and store • Built-in dual speaker, also can be connected to an external speaker or headphone • USB connection to use with audio recording software and virtual instruments • Drum Set with 9 touch Beat Pads, 2 Pedals, 2 Drum Sticks, Audio Cable, USB Cable
ABC Tambourine Wood Design Musical Instrument
LBP 567,568
LBP 900,901 Save 37%
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 Lightweight Tambourine designed with wood handle and metal jingles Well-designed handle with 25 cm Diameter, very comfortable to hold in hand and it won't fall off easily 8 Pairs of metal jingles, comes out with melodious plink attracting kids' attention Great addition to your dancing, karaoke or jam sessions, church choirs, or an excellent addition to your Drum set
Conqueror DJ Mixer Wireless Speaker Transmitter
LBP 10,216,216
LBP 16,216,216 Save 37%
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The Wireless Streaming DJ Sound FM Mixer is Light and packed into a single unit making it easy to Transport • Dual Channel with FM/ USB/ SD/ BT/ AUX input to change interest and different styles of music • Built-in preset button DJ sound FX with jog wheel so you can mix, scratch and blend your beats. Enables you to produce highly creative remixes which is perfect for DJ party and music recording • Perfect way to mix audio from multiple sources. Each channel has its own volume control and it also has a mic talk over control microphone priority function