List of products by brand Karcher

Karcher Car Cleaning Kit
LBP 1,264,865
LBP 1,297,297 Save 2.5%
The Car Cleaning Kit includes a universal brush and an FJ 3 foam jet – for thorough and gentle cleaning of all surfaces. It can be used for cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, but also to apply care agents on stone and wooden surfaces and on façades.
Karcher Cleaning Spray Gun
LBP 2,318,919
LBP 2,378,378 Save 2.5%
The innovative Kärcher WBS 3 cleaning spray gun with rotation jet. Quickly cleans slightly dirty plant pots, furniture and devices in the garden. The WBS 3 cleaning spray gun is the ideal extension for every garden hose. Simply connect the WBS 3 to the connector – and you're ready to go! The innovative rotation jet quickly removes the fresh dirt and makes cleaning large areas effortless.
Karcher Chainsaw + Battery
LBP 17,567,568
LBP 18,018,018 Save 2.5%
Simple to use, versatile and perfect for tree maintenance: the lightweight CNS 18-30 Battery chain saw with tool-less chain tensioning system.Thanks to its low weight and ideal blade length, the CNS 18-30 Battery battery chain saw from Kärcher is perfect for convenient and versatile use in tree maintenance.
Karcher Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
LBP 14,545,946
LBP 14,918,919 Save 2.5%
On the WD 5 S V-25/5/22 wet and dry vacuum cleaner, the device, suction hose and switchable floor nozzle are optimally coordinated with another. This means that with a power consumption of 1100 watts, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner achieves optimum cleaning results on dry, wet, fine or coarse dirt.
Karcher Pressure Water K3 Power Control
LBP 12,121,622
LBP 12,432,432 Save 2.5%
Thanks to the practical application consultant in the Home & Garden app, which can support the K 3 Power Control pressure washer, Kärcher makes possible even better cleaning results – and turns the user into a cleaning expert. The app also offers a comprehensive service including information on the device, the application and the Kärcher Service portal.
Karcher Pressure Water K5 Power Control
LBP 29,654,054
LBP 30,414,414 Save 2.5%
For greater control and better handling – using the Kärcher Home & Garden app, the user is assisted in many cleaning situations and with different cleaning objects. The application consultant describes the optimal pressure level for the selected cleaning object. The pressure can be manually adjusted by turning the Vario Power spray lance.