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ITC 6-zone Mixing Amplifier
L£25,945,946 Save 35%
4 Channels Microphone and 2 line input, treble and bass can be controlled separately . * 6 Channels Partition output, and partition volume independent control. * Built in bell. Bell tone optional: 4 tones and 2 tones (built-in), alarm generator. * Mp3 decoding module supports usb / sd / bluetooth / fm radio playback function. With the MP3 remote control, support power off memory function, MIC recording function. * When the alarm generator starts, background music will be closed and6 partition output will automatically open to maximum output volume. * Built in 24V DC power input.
ITC Audio Power Amplifier
L£8,288,288 Save 35%
1. Standard cabinet design (1U), and exquisite SMT process design.2. With MP3/TUNER/BLUETOOTH, and the LCD screen can display the currently playing track.3. With remote controller for MP3/TUNER/BLUETOOTH.4. 1 channel EMC input, 2 channels AUX input, 4 channels MIC input.5. The priority for input channel EMC> MIC1> MIC2, MIC3, AUX1, AUX2.6. Can control volume for each input channel, and control the bass effect /treble effect/master volume for all channels.7. MIC1-4 inputs are unbalanced .8. With level indicator, overload and protection indicator.
ITC Waterproof Rock Shaped Garden Speaker
L£2,162,162 Save 35%
Waterproof Rock Shaped 30W Garden SpeakerStone speakers for burial and garden setting in harmony with nature.8 inch bass speaker and 2.5 inch trebleInput Voltage  100 V ACWithstands output power 30 watts , 15 wattsFrequency band response  60-14,000 HzSound pressure 1 watt 1 meter 90 DB (maximum 117 DB)IPX6 certifiedThe speaker cabinet is made of organic resin
ITC Garden Speaker
L£5,837,838 Save 35%
The T- 4700 is a landscape garden speaker built-in 70v/100v transformer.The 70v/100v transformer technique reduces line losses on longer distance and allows easy parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers.The built-in 6 .5” two way speaker drivers are designed of wide frequency response 1 20 - 15 kHz, the multiple power taps of 7 .5W & 1 5W could meet different applications varies from room size and ambientnoise surroundings.