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For over 28 years, Rentokil Boecker® MENAT has been providing innovative commercial and residential public health solutions to protect people and enhance lives. Buy online on Boecker products at the best price In Lebanon.

Rentokil Boecker® is part of Rentokil Initial, a global route-based business services company operating in over 80 countries with over 90 years of service, and providing industry leading sustainable innovations, best-in-class service, and care for their colleagues, customers and communities. At a local level, they have been helping MENAT businesses and residents eradicate and treat pest and germ problems since 1994. With over 2,000 employees, 11 branches, training centres and depots located throughout MENAT,they are the largest public health company in the region. they offer a complete range of public health solutions for commercial and residential properties, including pest control, germ control, food safety and hygiene and scenting.

Boecker Microbecs HC RTU For Healthcare Sector
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Ready-to-use disinfectant for healthcare facilities that works against Gram– and Gram+ bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae including Mycobacterium sp., Pseudomonas sp., HIV, Candida albicans, Coronaviruses, HxNy, MRSA and others. It is stable in the presence of oxygen, ultraviolet rays and 30% organic matter like soiled surfaces and utensils.