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Preserving the art of fine coffee, Barista emerged as a pioneer of Italian espresso since 1999. Barista delightes consumers with a unique approach to authentic Italian coffee, in a convenient portioned pod. Buy online on Barista coffee, capsules, machines and accessories at the best price in Lebanon.

Savor a truly exceptional coffee experience - taste the Barista difference.

Barista has become renowned for its refined blends of coffee by carefully selecting pure Arabica beans and monitoring the process of roasting them to perfection.

The Barista pod revolutionized the market bringing premium espresso into the homes, restaurants, businesses and countless retail outlets. Exquisite shots of espresso topped with rich crema caps are prepared à la Italian.

Essential to taste, is the choice of highly sophisticated and reliable machines that are both, aesthetically pleasing and efficient.

Barista Icepresso
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We gave your favorite coffee a summery twist! Barista new capsules are made to be paired with ice for a cool refreshing brew. A box of 10 capsules and can be used with any Barista capsules compatible machine (leaflet of its usage details included in the box).