List of products by brand Babyliss

BaByliss 10 In 1 Multi Grooming
L£3,400,000 Save 57.5%
1-in-1 machine. For shaving the body and face. Well in your hand. Weighs 200 grams. Powerful engine. Can run continuously for 60 minutes. Carbon titanium inserts. 34 mm width cutter. Precise and comfortable shaving. Rotary nose ear accessories. Foil Shaver accessories. Beard spacer (1mm-3.5mm). Spacer for knife (5-8mm). Body groomer with 2 spacers (3 + 4mm). Storage bag. Charger.
BaByliss Gold Ceramic Straightener
L£2,000,000 Save 57.5%
The BaByliss ST410E quickly heats up to a temperature of 230 degrees. This is the only temperature setting of this flat iron.  The fully ceramic plates of this flat iron protect your hair from damage from the heat. Thanks to the flexible plates, you can even style your hair evenly and you can also easily create a blow. LED Display . 24 mm .
Babyliss Men Body Trimmer
L£3,200,000 Save 57.5%
Safe and gentle body grooming with a twin blade system for easy, smooth, body trimming. Babyliss Men Body Trimmer is a trimmer designed specifically for hair removal on the entire body. Thanks to the sharp clinker of 100% stainless steel, which sits on each side of the head, you are quickly ready. The machine is 100% waterproof and thus it can also be used under the shower.
Babyliss 8-IN-1 Multi-Purpose Trimmer
L£2,600,000 Save 57.5%
Multi-trimmer for trimming, shaping and styling facial and body hair. With this trimmer, you can keep your stump or beard in order, trim the sideburns, trim the edges, remove nose and ear hair and groom your body hair. Super sharp titanium cutting blades with high precision for a long time. Up to 60 minutes of use without cord. Washable heads that facilitate cleaning.
Babyliss IPL Body & Face
L£24,000,000 Save 57.5%
With Homelight Kit by BaByliss, get an effective and long-lasting hair removal at home in a safe, easy and simple way. Body & Face Set – 300,000 Flashes 90% less hair in 8 sessions only 5 light intensity levels Precision Shaver Storage Pouch Efficiency clinically proven 90% less hair after 8 sessions
Babyliss Twist Secret with Accessories
L£1,400,000 Save 57.5%
BaByliss Twist Secret is a completely new hair-styling tool that is very useful for twisting hair quickly and easily. Twist function: braids are twisted quickly and effortlessly. Twisting single strands and two strands around each other. Accessory kits for hair, head and arm decorations, including Twist secret app with great styling tips and instructions. Battery-powered: 2 x size AA batteries.