List of products by brand Ariete

Ariete Vintage Oven 18L
LBP2,432,432 Save 22.5%
Electric oven, 18 liters capacity, perfect also for cooking pizza thanks to its enlarged bottom. Complete with steel grill and aluminum tray, it has an adjustable timer up to 60 minutes with end-of-time signal and settable temperature up to 230°C,  temperature light, 3 cooking positions (above only, below only, above and below) and double glass.
Ariete Vintage Cappucino, Coffe & Milk Frother
LBP1,580,935 Save 22.5%
Multipurpose milk frother, easy to use, with a 500W power and a 140ml capacity for frothed milk and 250ml for hot milk. The transparent cap allows the control of the froth, and with a single button you can activate 2 functions: hot and cold froth. It's ideal for the preparation of different drinks in every moment: coffee and milk, cappuccino, milk cream, shaken coffee, hot or cold chocolate. The non-stick coating makes the cleaning super-easy. Automatically goes off and keeps the external surfaces cool.
Ariete Steam Iron Ceramic
LBP918,337 Save 22.5%
Top-level design, capacity and features distinguish the 6243 model that, thanks to the bi-directional ceramic plate and a 2200W power, is the ideal iron for a professional, effective and fast ironing. The equipment is completed by the 320ml tank, the ergonomic soft-touch handle, the autocleaning system, the anti-dripping system and the anti-limestone system. Essential and powerful, responds to the expectations of the most demanding users. Power     2200 W
Ariete Ceramic Steam Station with Boiler, 7Bars
LBP6,126,126 Save 22.5%
Steam iron with 1.8 litre boiler for ironing many garments, saves time and energyCeramic plate provides excellent lubricity on any fabric7 bars pressure provides performance and effectiveness even on difficult tissuesSteam burst 600 gContinuous steam up to 140 g/minVertical steam for small repairs, revitalises and disinfects your clothesCompact design and easy to carry thanks to the iron block Removable and Refillable Stainless Steel Tank.
Ariete Vintage Rice Cooker
LBP2,069,166 Save 22.5%
Slow Cooker, Steaming, Vintage Line, 3.5 L, Non-stick Ceramic Coating, 650 WItalian design and ease of use, to help you in the kitchen with taste and style.Vintage Ram Line.Electric rice cooker is perfect for cooking all kinds of rice, ideal to use instead of bread, along with meat, fish or vegetables.Sushi made with rice cooker, get the perfect rice cookie to make sushi at home: bleach with various ingredients and prepare your favorite sushi rolls.Components included: Measuring cup.
Ariete Vertical Barbecue Grill
LBP2,069,166 Save 22.5%
Steak house Grill is the vertical grill that allows you to cook more tasty and healthy steaks up to 4 cm, chicken, sausages, ribs, hamburgers, vegetables, bread, fruit, fish etc. Thanks to the vertical cooking system, the greases flow down into the special tray and never come into contact with internal resistances, and this avoids the formation of the annoying smoke. Try and enjoy your dishes with steak house grill! 1300w
Ariete Raclette 8 Persons
LBP1,871,550 Save 22.5%
Baking on the stone? No problem! Thanks to Raclette Stone, you will prepare delicious dishes made of stone and arrange a raclette party. Invite your friends and enjoy the unique flavors.Ariete Raclette is a dish made of a special kind of cheese, heated on small pans.Originally it was prepared by Swiss shepherds on hot stones around the hearth – now it finds millions of devotees around the world.Type of barbecue: raclette and fondue. Power: 1200 W. Temperature regulation: smooth.Temperature control light: Yes. It is possible to disassemble the plate.Additional functions: stone heating plate.
Ariete Spraygun Sanijet + Pack of 10 powder Cleaner
LBP2,138,914 Save 22.5%
Ariete Sani-Jet Sanitizing Nebulizer Sanitation is synonymous with safety. With Sani-Jet you can protect your home, workplace or anywhere else! Sani-Jet is the first compact sanitizing nebulizer, handy and easy to use steam cleaner specific for cleaning any surface or environment from Covid-19 *, thanks to the action of Sani-Jet Clean the sanitizing solution whose effectiveness has been tested on surfaces in which Covid-19 was present and which were perfectly sanitized**.
Ariete Multi Grill 3 in 1
LBP1,999,418 Save 22.5%
MultiGrill 3 in 1 by Ariete is more than a simple grill: it is the new indispensable tool in the kitchen or for your barbecues, which allows you to satisfy the tastes of all the guests. Sandwiches, meat, vegetables and toast are just some of the tasty dishes you can prepare.
Ariete Steam Iron Ceramic
LBP592,850 Save 22.5%
With a compact design, the excellent tank capacity and 2000W power, the Iron 6235 by Ariete is in the segment of everyday-use iron, with the advantage of the ceramic plate, for a extremely fluid and effective ironing, anti-dripping and a powerful and well-distributed steam jet. Result: a powerful and effective ironing, at hand.