List of products by brand Ariete

Ariete Steam Iron Ceramic 2200W
L£1,801,802 Save 32.5%
Top-level design, capacity and features distinguish the 6243 model that, thanks to the bi-directional ceramic plate and a 2200W power, is the ideal iron for a professional, effective and fast ironing. The equipment is completed by the 320ml tank, the ergonomic soft-touch handle, the autocleaning system, the anti-dripping system and the anti-limestone system.
Ariete Puree Maker
L£2,054,054 Save 32.5%
New electric mill easy to use with a simple button to have soup tasty and digestible. It is the only electric appliance that can separate the peels from the pulp and seeds without adding air to the food.  3 disks: small holes, medium and large, adaptable to any container.
Ariete Spin Juicer Metal 500W
L£3,243,243 Save 32.5%
Equipped With Double Speed, Pulp Storage Compartment 1.5 L And Drip Spout,this Juicer Prepares Refreshing And Vitamin Juices Into A Simple Gesture. Thanks To Its Large Glass 450 Ml Ensures To Serve Juices Easily. The Convenient Removable Tank For The Pulp Allows You To Prepare Any Kind Of Juice Without Interruption!
Ariete Vintage Blender Glass Jar 1.5L
L£4,684,685 Save 32.5%
With Ariete's Vintage Blender with glass cup you can prepare the drink of your choice every day, mixing the ingredients and blending them evenly. The glass cup is resistant and the 4 stainless steel blades, combined with the 4 available speeds, are ideal for blending whatever you prefer. Thanks to the convenient measuring cap, you can also insert the ingredients directly into the blender cup from the hole on its top.
Ariete Vintage Kettle
L£3,423,423 Save 32.5%
Kettle with a vintage design that recalls old-fashioned shapes, essential to taste moments like breakfast or tea break at their best. Equipped with removable and washable scale filter, an ergonomic handle with soft touch finishing and auto-off system, it's an essential ally in every kitchen. 1,7 lt capacity Auto switch off function makes it safe to use
Ariete Classica Kettle 1.7L Copper
L£3,423,423 Save 32.5%
The Classic range electrical kettle, with its sophisticated design, is conceived to be an essential symbol of peace and elegance to best enjoy tea time and infusions. With an integrated and easy-to-wash filter, an auto shut-off system and an ergonomic handle, this boiler is totally safe and easy to use, the ideal partner to enjoy relaxing moments.
Ariete Citrus Spremi 1.2L
L£972,973 Save 32.5%
The new Spremì is an elegant, refined citrus press with double reamer, fins to press the pulp and a spout for pouring the juice. The dust cover and cord winder, which is built into the base, make this appliance even easier to store.  And thanks to its alternate rotary movement, it is able to prepare juice perfectly, quickly and down to the last drop, all straight in the glass. 
Ariete Garment Steamer White 2200W
L£7,207,207 Save 32.5%
The warm-up time is 50 seconds, thanks to which the device is perfect for emergency situations, when you need to leave the house quickly and the clothes in the wardrobe are creased. The steamer is safe for fabrics, so you don’t have to worry about burning them. The shot of steam is 48 g / min, and 4 levels of settings will allow you to adjust the power to your needs.
Ariete Cordless Stick Cleaner Digital Motor (Pink & Orange)
L£11,891,892 Save 32.5%
In just a few steps, the cordless vacuum cleaner becomes a practical portable handheld vacuum cleaner, ideal for vacuuming dust from shelves, sofas or car interiors, using the 3 different brushes supplied, designed specifically for different cleaning purposes The effectiveness of the 22V Digital Lithium electric broom on all surfaces is perfected by the 3-level filtration system, consisting of a metal filter, a fabric filter and a high efficiency Hepa filter
Ariete Travel Kit Iron + Kettle 820W
L£2,882,883 Save 32.5%
Foldable kettle with silicone body and foldable handle. The lid with integrated filter opens with a simple click and the functional fabric travel case allows you to place the kettle among your belongings. Despite being a travel product, it is equipped with an 800ml tank and above all with double voltage to be used anywhere. Travel Chic Iron, dual voltage, foldable handle for vertical ironing even without an ironing board, steam boost.
Ariete Slow Juicer 150W
L£4,324,324 Save 32.5%
Thanks to the innovative cold extraction technology, it allows you to keep the precious nutrients contained in fruit and vegetables unaltered. The squeezing of food, in fact, takes place without a blade and with a slow rotation, avoiding oxidation and heating of the ingredients, for a concentrated juice, fresh, healthy, homogeneous and without residues.
Ariete Classica Toaster 2 Slices Copper
L£3,423,423 Save 32.5%
Electrical toaster 2 slices, with stainless steel clamps that make toasting sandwiches possible. Compact and elegant design, provided with automatic ejection, removable crumb tray, 6 adjustable browning levels, toast, heat and defrost functions. An elegance must-have for your kitchen! 3 functions cancel/reheat/defrost 6 browning levels Removable crumb tray
Ariete Cordless Stick Cleaner 22.2V (Red & Blue)
L£7,567,568 Save 32.5%
Ariete's 22V Lithium cordless electric broom is designed to perfectly vacuum any surface in the house at any time, identifying even the most hidden dirt thanks to the motorized brush with LED lights. The 2-in-1 technology allows you to transform, with a few simple steps, the electric broom into a practical and handy handheld vacuum cleaner, to clean the whole house in a comfortable and fast way.
Ariete Cordless Stick Cleaner 2 in 1 18V
L£6,306,306 Save 32.5%
Evo 2 in 1 Cordless is the cordless electric broom capable of reaching any corner of your home without any effort. Thanks to the cordless technology you can move freely in all environments, sucking up dust and residues of all kinds thanks to the rotating brush effective on any type of floor or carpet. The vacuum cleaner has a 2000 MAH lithium-ion battery, rechargeable in just 3 hours and with an autonomy of 25-35 minutes based on the 2 speeds chosen.
Ariete Citrus Squeezer 60W
L£1,981,982 Save 32.5%
It has a double reamer for small and large citrus fruits, pulp-pressing tabs, non-drip spout and a lid to protect against dust.  Its alternating rotary movement and 60 Watts of power means it presses the fruit to perfection, quickly and down to the very last drop.  With Spremì Metal, breakfast will become a moment of pure pleasure.
Ariete Steam Station 6 Bar
L£10,630,631 Save 32.5%
The Ariete Steam Power iron is equipped with a removable and easily refillable 1.8-liter boiler, a power of 2200 Watts and a continuous jet of steam up to 100 grams per minute. With Steam Power by Ariete you can iron all types of fabric saving time and stress, because it guarantees excellent ironing performance, an intuitive and easy-to-use design and all the power you need.
Ariete Floor Steam Cleaner 10 in 1
L£4,864,865 Save 32.5%
Steam Mop 10 in 1 sanitizes floors and carpets, removes stubborn dirt and grease from hobs, perfectly cleans sanitary ware, restores joints between the tiles. The steam also sanitizes and refreshes fabrics and sofas, eliminating even bad odors.   Steam Mop 10 in 1 comes with 2 microfiber cloths, carpet accessory, 90 ° nozzle, joint brush, crevice nozzle, scraper, fabric brush with cloth, window cleaner, large and small round brush.
Ariete Chopper With Blender
L£1,801,802 Save 32.5%
The Ariete Chopper is powerful and robust, with a steel chopper blade and removable stainless-steel serrated blender blades.  Thanks to the strong blades, you can even blend ice! Choose from continuous or pulse mode, and add ingredients during the process via the handy opening on the lid.
Ariete Chopper White/ Silver
L£1,621,622 Save 32.5%
The Ariete Chopper is powerful and robust, with a stainless-steel chopper blade and powerful 1000 watt motor. It’s ideal for chopping all kinds of vegetables, meat and nuts and has a 250cc capacity cup. Choose from continuous chopping or pulse functions. It’s simple to assemble and easy to clean, all parts are dishwasher safe. The Ariete Chopper also features a non-slip base and cord storage facility, and a safety switch on the cap.
Ariete Juice Extractor 700W
L£4,000,000 Save 32.5%
Solid and compact juicer with 700 Watts of power for quick fruit and vegetable juices.  The innovative "Apple Chute" with wide opening (75 mm) means you can easily insert whole fruits or vegetables, without cutting them into pieces.  It has dual speed, a compartment for pulp and a drip-proof spout. 
Ariete Blender With Mill
L£1,693,694 Save 32.5%
Ultra-compact and easy to handle, it is a perfect mix of practicality and functionality Entirely developed vertically, it is ideal for blending liquid and solid food evenly thanks to its practical cup with a capacity of up to 1.5lt Perfect for smoothies, cocktails, soups and cream sauces in just a few seconds. 
Ariete Pro Blend And Heat
L£10,090,090 Save 32.5%
Blend & Heat is the powerful and professional multifunction Power Blender for preparing smoothies, juices, milkshakes, sauces and condiments, but also hot and velvety soups ready to be enjoyed in a few minutes thanks to the "Soup" function that allows you to blend and heat at the same time . Blend & Heat is perfect for all those who lead diets with a high absorption of nutrients and love to prepare protein or energizing shakes to be consumed after intense sports activities. Also very useful for preparing baby food.
Ariete Hair Straightener Ceramic
L£2,702,703 Save 32.5%
The professional “Perfect Style” Hair Straightener is made with multi-purpose ceramic fins that work effectively and gently for hydrated and nourished hair thanks to the frizz-free ionic function creating a professional look. The rounded form allows to make any finish, from curls to waves, up to perfect straight hair resistant to moisture.
Ariete Vintage Citrus Juicer 85W
L£3,603,604 Save 32.5%
The Vintage Electric Citrus Squeezer will furnish your kitchen with the retro and shabby chic style typical of the Aries Vintage Line. 2 cones included for large and small fruits: the large stainless steel cone ideal for oranges and grapefruits and the small cone equipped with a pin to conveniently lock even the smallest fruits, such as lemons and limes.
Ariete Pro Blender Stainless Steel 2000W
L£9,009,009 Save 37.5%
Blendy Pro blends while maintaining the nutritional properties of the food, making it perfect for prepare protein shakes and energizing shakes to be consumed after intense sporting activities or in diets that require a high absorption of nutrients. A blender with unique performances: thanks to the 3 Functions (Pulse, Crusher and Smoothie) it is ideal for preparing smoothies, sauces such as homemade mayonnaise, but also Cocktails. 
Ariete Corded Stick Cleaner Evolution 2 in 1
L£3,819,820 Save 32.5%
Bagless electric broom with modern and elegant lines with dual function: ideal both for cleaning carpets and floors, and for cleaning cracks, fabrics and surfaces that are more difficult to reach thanks to the powerful built-in vacuum cleaner and the accessories supplied, that is a crevice nozzle and a fabric brush. Evo2in1, practical, versatile and with removable and washable tank, has an integrated cable reel, stands alone and the HEPA E10 filter retains even the finest dust: cleanliness is guaranteed!
Ariete Corded Stick Cleaner 2 in 1 600W
L£3,603,604 Save 32.5%
Light and handy electric broom, which easily transforms into a practical portable handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning all rooms and corners of the house. Ideal for cleaning floors of all kinds, rugs and carpets. With a single move, the Handy Force electric broom turns into a portable handheld vacuum cleaner with a spout perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach corners and crevices, shelves and floors. 
Ariete Electric Party Grill 2000W
L£2,162,162 Save 32.5%
Lightweight electric grill, handy and easy to use for those who love quick snacks, but also to cook grilled meats and vegetables in a lighter way. The Ariete Party Grill electric grill is ideal for organizing a family lunch or a barbecue with friends in comfort, for tasty and light dinners. By adding water to the tray below it is possible to cook without bad smells and annoying smoke, so you can fully enjoy your barbecue at home.
Ariete Plastic Blender 500W
L£2,162,162 Save 32.5%
A practical, convenient and versatile blender, that's what you need to always keep at hand! Simple and at the same time functional, it is ideal for blending any ingredient. From fruit to vegetables to ice, the 4 stainless steel blades and the 2 speeds with Pulse function guarantee you a valid help in the kitchen every day!
Ariete Portable Garment Steamer
L£2,378,378 Save 32.5%
The portable garment steamer is the vertical ironing machine designed to ensure easy vertical ironing of creased fabrics or to reinvigorate garments which have been stored for a long time in the wardrobe. Steam immediately ready, lightweight and easy to handle, the vertical ironing machine supplies a powerful and efficient steam, able to immediately give back radiance to shirts and sweaters.