List of products by brand Antonio Banderas

Attractive. Charismatic. Irresistibly authentic.

From internationally-acclaimed actor to photographer, film director, and fashion designer. Antonio Banderas has succeeded in winning over the heart of Hollywood and the rest of the world with his unrivaled passion.

The multi-faceted artist from Malaga is a king of seduction, always ready for “Lights, camera, ACTION!”

But have you ever wondered what Antonio Banderas is like behind the scenes?


A fragrance has the power to awaken the senses, transport you to the aromas of home, remind you of an ocean breeze, reveal a tempting secret, turn you into a master of seduction...

...or reveal the “Diavolo” we all have within.

“My relationship with fragrances has been lifelong. It’s part of who I am and, over the years, has become a true passion.

A journey full of aromas and seduction that I invite you to discover.”