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For the Professional and Retail home and garden markets, Agrisense offers a variety of bio-rational commercial pest monitoring and control products, which are used to monitor and control pest populations on a daily basis. Buy outdoor products online on, pest control traps at the best prices in Lebanon.

Agrisense offers a range of commercial pest control and monitoring products for both the professional , retail home and garden markets. These products are used every day to monitor and control pest populations. Their use provides users with many benefits, including early detection and easy identification of pest species.

Agrisense Fly Bag For Outdoor
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The Agrisense Fly Bag is an ideal trap for outdoor use in farms, stables, gardens and any location with high fly infestations. It is an effective way to lure flies away and keep your premises protected from flies at all times. The Bag contains a unique fly bait made from highly-palatable natural organic ingredients that are 100 times more attractive than any other food source. The water-soluble bait is contained within the bag, all you have to do is just add water!