Tognana Set 3 Pans 20/24/28 Cm Eco
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Eco-friendly line with low environmental impact that combines quality and functionality with an exclusive vintage design. Recycled aluminum with a 4-layer marbled non-stick internal coating, which allows for high non-stick properties Excellent heat distribution, also suitable for induction Suitable for all hobs, is Nickel Free and Pfoa Free
Tognana 8 Pcs Battery Non-Stick Grancuci Stone
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The battery of Stone & Wood pots by Tognana has a gray marbled external coating and wood effect handles for a natural style. Dishwashing is suitable. Suitable for: electrical source, suitable for hobbs and halogen source, suitable for induction source, dishwasher safe, food, for hot plate. Forged aluminum body for uniform heat distribution. Thick base suitable also for induction. 4-layer reinforced non-stick interior coating resistant to scratches. High temperature resistant external coating. Silicone handles with soft touch wood effect finish.
Tefal Pleasure Sets (8 pcs/ 9 pcs/ 14 pcs)
L£4,398,112 Save 35%
Product available with different options
Thanks to its cutting edge technology, Tefal pots and pans represent the excellence in cookware both in terms of durability and delicious results. Enamel exterior coating. Hard and resistant, safe and easy to clean. Hob compatibility for all, except induction Dishwasher safe
Tefal Prima Set of 11 Pcs
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Set includes: Frypan 22 cm - frypan 26 cm - saucepan with lid 16 cm / 1.6 L - stewpot with lid 24 cm- stewpot with lid 28 cm / 7.9 L - spatula - ladle - spoon High resistance and non-Stick coating. 2, 5 mm thick aluminum for fast and even heating. Compatible with all hobs except for induction hobs
Tefal Pleasure Pancake 25cm
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The Pleasure collection features Thermo-Spot® (in pans only) turns full red when the frypan has reached the ideal temperature for perfect searing. The Tefal Pleasure features a non-stick cooking surface and hard wearing enamel exterior to ensure excellent cooking results. This unit is oven- and dishwasher-safe and includes the patented Thermo-Spot technology that helps in determining the perfect cooking temperature. It can be used with all cooktops except induction.
Zwilling Stainless Steel Cookware Set 5 Pcs Essence
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The five-piece set of cookware from the ZWILLING Essence series provides the ideal equipment for people appreciating an appealing look in addition to great functionality. It has been created by Stefan Schöning and is characterised by its beautiful design. SIGMA Classic+ sandwich base    Excellent heat retention and distribution    Elegant cast stainless steel handles for particularly comfortable handling    Tight-fitting glass lid for energy-saving cooking with little water you can keep an eye on    Integrated measuring scale
Falez Cooking Set Of 9 Pcs Granite Brown
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Falez Cooking Set Of 9 Pcs Granite Brown Thanks to the non-stick ceramic enamel coating, this cookware set is scratch resistant and easy to clean. This cookware comes with a tempered glass lid (except for the fry pan)  Even heat distribution throughout the entire base avoids hotspots and local burning of foods. This cookware set will  inspire you in the kitchen and make every day cooking a joy. Tempered glass lids make viewing food easy from start to finish.
Falez Cooking Set Of 9 Pcs Granite Brown
L£4,288,288 Save 35%
Falez Cooking Set Of 9 Pcs Granite Brown This set blends durability and style together to give you the best cooking experience you can ask for. The enamel ceramic coating on cast aluminum makes it naturally nonstick and easy to clean, with the advantage of even and proper heat distribution. The silicon ergonomic handles make this set perfect for oven use. SIZE: 4.5 Liters Deep Casserole with Glass Lid