Pressure Cookers

Tefal Cocotte Minute ( 6 - 8 - 12 L )
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Pressure cooker made of high quality and durable materialsMade of stainless steelCharacterized by multiple safety factors and the 2 program for cookingexcess water vapor slotEasy to lock and openThe cook foods in a healthy way in a short timeWash in the dishwasher (pot with lid)Base to ensure a fair distribution of heatMultiple safety factors2 program for cooking
Tefal Sensor 8L
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Extreme safety and durability!The TEFAL Sensor® Pressure Cooker lets you cook with total peace-of-mind, bringing together quick and delicious results with long-lasting performance day after day. Discover a stainless steel pressure cooker made in France with a 5-point security system—including 3 over-pressure safety features and 2 opening/closing safety features—for all the benefits of pressure cooking with total safety and ease.
Tefal Authentique 10L
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The Authentic, always on top!Meet the Authentic pressure cooker, it uses our securivis system which prevents excessive tightening. It's completely safe and it will accompany you in your cooking for a very long time. With just one cooking program, enjoy any sort of meals, and cook it all, from vegetables, meat, fish to even scrumptious desserts, the Authentic does it all and it does it well!