Knife Blocks

Zwilling Knife Block, 6 Pcs Gourmet
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With this 6-piece knife block from the ZWILLING Gourmet series, you get high-quality cutting tools that make cooking twice as fun. The FRIODUR® blades of the chef's knives are ice-hardened, making them extremely robust and corrosion-resistant. In addition, the optimally balanced, black plastic handle fits well in your hand, ensuring safe cutting.This knife block is made of beech wood, and is equipped with a vegetable knife (blade length 8 cm), a meat knife (16 cm), a chef's knife (20 cm) and a bread knife (20 cm). The blades can be sharpened with the sharpening steel included in the knife set.
Zwilling 7 Pcs Ash Self Sharpening Knife Block Brown Pro
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Keep your kitchen knives sharp with this self-sharpening knife block. The integrated sharpening modules ensure the cutting edge is permanently sharp every time you use your knife.The mechanism behind it is as simple as it is brilliant. There are two ceramic sharpening stones integrated in the slots for knives with a smooth cutting edge, which are arranged at the ideal grinding angle. When pulled out, the blades glide over the whetstones, gently sharpening them. Your knives are always sharp and ready for use - without any effort. So that the knives cannot be accidentally inserted into the incorrect slot there are pictograms for the respective knife type on the block.The brown block made of ash wood is a real eye-catcher, which compliments every kitchen with its elegant design.