Ezy Organization Sort It 8L with 6 Deep Cups+Tray
L£289,730 Save 37.5%
The Sort It range of storage tubs are a mini customizable, modular system with uniquely crafted accessories included with each tubto suit your individual storage needs.Each tub comes with a mix of removable cups or insert trays that can be used to store away smaller items.The Sort It range is ideal for craft projects, nuts & bolts and more.Comes with 6 deep cups + insert trayProduct Dimensions: 30.5x21.5x18cm
Ezy Encore Hip Hugger 51L
L£281,081 Save 37.5%
Encore, the complete laundry solution, consists of hip hugging baskets, hampers, carts.All designed with functionality in mind, Encore is not only stylish, it’s your one-stop laundry system with an easy clean coating, BPA-Free and UV Resistant.Product Dimensions: 67.4x46.8x27.1cm
York Sanitary Sponge 1 Pc
L£11,532 Save 37.5%
Multi-purpose double-layer sponge consisting of a soft foam layer and rough high-quality fiber layer.Is ideal for removing stains from sanitary devices in a toilet or kitchen.Rough fibre layer deals very well with persistent stains and soft foam does not scratch delicate surfaces.High quality fibre does not scratch the cleaned surface and is delicate for hands (does not destroy skin or nails).Convenient to use, optimum size that sits comfortably in the hand.The sponge is universal, intended for many tasks-cleaning, washing the dishes.Effectively foams the detergent, meaning you use less and save more.
York Cotton Floor Cloth 1 Pc
L£36,036 Save 37.5%
Can be used wet or dry.Place of use: the house (kitchen, bathroom, garage), garden (to wash the terrace, garden furniture, external windowsills), to clean wooden, laminated floors, panels.Can be used with or without detergent.Large size is convenient for cleaning larger surfaces.Very durable.
York Cottonlike Household Cloth LUX 5+1
L£51,892 Save 37.5%
Can be used dry or wet, with or without detergent.Soft to touch.Intended use: polishing, washing, wiping - place of use: the house (kitchen, bathroom), car.Suitable for different types of surfaces – plastic, laminate, leather, tiles, wood, particularly delicate areas.Wash at 60°C, with grey soap (NOTE!!! Do not use softeners!).Wring well and dry quickly to avoid gathering dust.Be careful with old wood – it may catch the cloth.
York Scouring Sponge Metalized For Teflon
L£14,414 Save 37.5%
Durable scouring sponge, covered with a layer of delicate metal mesh, with special properties (does not scratch the cleaned surface).Ideally suited to removing difficult stains from Teflon and other delicate surfaces.Its special surface does not remove the Teflon layer from dishes and does not leave scratches on the cleaned surfaces.Suitable for scouring burnt, very dirty pots and frying pans.