Vacuum Cleaners

Ariete Cordless Stick Cleaner Digital Motor (Pink & Orange)
L£11,891,892 Save 42.5%
In just a few steps, the cordless vacuum cleaner becomes a practical portable handheld vacuum cleaner, ideal for vacuuming dust from shelves, sofas or car interiors, using the 3 different brushes supplied, designed specifically for different cleaning purposes The effectiveness of the 22V Digital Lithium electric broom on all surfaces is perfected by the 3-level filtration system, consisting of a metal filter, a fabric filter and a high efficiency Hepa filter
Ariete Cordless Stick Cleaner 22.2V (Red & Blue)
L£7,567,568 Save 42.5%
Ariete's 22V Lithium cordless electric broom is designed to perfectly vacuum any surface in the house at any time, identifying even the most hidden dirt thanks to the motorized brush with LED lights. The 2-in-1 technology allows you to transform, with a few simple steps, the electric broom into a practical and handy handheld vacuum cleaner, to clean the whole house in a comfortable and fast way.
Ariete Cordless Stick Cleaner 2 in 1 18V
L£6,306,306 Save 42.5%
Evo 2 in 1 Cordless is the cordless electric broom capable of reaching any corner of your home without any effort. Thanks to the cordless technology you can move freely in all environments, sucking up dust and residues of all kinds thanks to the rotating brush effective on any type of floor or carpet. The vacuum cleaner has a 2000 MAH lithium-ion battery, rechargeable in just 3 hours and with an autonomy of 25-35 minutes based on the 2 speeds chosen.
Ariete Floor Steam Cleaner 10 in 1
L£4,864,865 Save 42.5%
Steam Mop 10 in 1 sanitizes floors and carpets, removes stubborn dirt and grease from hobs, perfectly cleans sanitary ware, restores joints between the tiles. The steam also sanitizes and refreshes fabrics and sofas, eliminating even bad odors.   Steam Mop 10 in 1 comes with 2 microfiber cloths, carpet accessory, 90 ° nozzle, joint brush, crevice nozzle, scraper, fabric brush with cloth, window cleaner, large and small round brush.
Ariete Corded Stick Cleaner Evolution 2 in 1
L£3,819,820 Save 42.5%
Bagless electric broom with modern and elegant lines with dual function: ideal both for cleaning carpets and floors, and for cleaning cracks, fabrics and surfaces that are more difficult to reach thanks to the powerful built-in vacuum cleaner and the accessories supplied, that is a crevice nozzle and a fabric brush. Evo2in1, practical, versatile and with removable and washable tank, has an integrated cable reel, stands alone and the HEPA E10 filter retains even the finest dust: cleanliness is guaranteed!
Ariete Corded Stick Cleaner 2 in 1 600W
L£3,603,604 Save 42.5%
Light and handy electric broom, which easily transforms into a practical portable handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning all rooms and corners of the house. Ideal for cleaning floors of all kinds, rugs and carpets. With a single move, the Handy Force electric broom turns into a portable handheld vacuum cleaner with a spout perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach corners and crevices, shelves and floors. 
Tefal Silence Force Cyclonic
L£11,799,800 Save 45%
Silence Force 5 is a bagless vacuum cleaner that combines exceptional cleaning performance with the comfort of extreme silence-in-use. New POWER AIR 2-position head delivers extreme performance on all surfaces, while enhanced ergonomics provide easier dust management and high-efficiency filtration captures 99.98% of dust. Dust container: 2.5L
Tefal Silence Force Vacuum Cleaner
L£10,734,735 Save 45%
This smooth and silent vacuum delivers powerful dirt removal across all surfaces, with three levels of filtration capturing over 99.99% of dust. Equipped with the new Deep Clean Head that efficiently removes dust deep down from carpets, rugs, tiles, parquet and all types of floors. Dust bag: 4.50 L Power consumption: 2200 W
Tefal X-Trem Power Vacuum Cleaner (Ruby Red or Black)
L£6,392,392 Save 45%
X-Trem Performance, X-Trem Ergonomics  This robust bagged vacuum cleaner with XL capacity (4.5 L) puts powerful performance at your fingertips, with high cleaning performance on hard floors, dust re-emission and energy efficiency. A new powerful high-efficiency suction head removes ground-in dirt and tackles large spills with best-in-class performance on both carpets and hard floors.  Power: 750 W
Karcher Vacuum Cleaner SPRAY EXTR
L£14,810,811 Save 47.5%
The SE 4001 spray extraction cleaner cleans deep into the fibres of textile surfaces, e.g. carpets, upholstery/upholstered furniture, stairs with textile coverings, mattresses, wall hangings and car seats. Tap water and Kärcher RM 519 carpet cleaner are sprayed deep into textile surfaces under pressure and removed together with the dissolved dirt. This spray extraction machine is ideal for allergy sufferers and households with pets.
Black & Decker Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner 12 V Dc With Kit
L£1,405,405 Save 47.5%
Black & Decker Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner 12 V Dc With Kit Versatile and easy to use for effective car cleaning. Double action filtration system - designed to perform better and last longer Ergonomic design for comfortable use. Convenient crevice tool and brush stored on board are ideal for cleaning difficult-to-reach areas and brushing seats and floors. 5 metre cable allows you to reach all areas of your car including the boot.
Karcher Vacuum Cleaner V3 Plus
L£5,801,802 Save 47.5%
As with all Kärcher products, the bagless VC 3 Plus multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner features outstanding functionality. With its elegant design and practical size, the yellow VC 3 Plus fits perfectly into the modern Asian family home. Easy to use, it is suitable for both young and older people.