Food Processor

Ariete RoboMix Food Processor + Blender, 2.1L, 1500W
L£5,765,766 Save 45%
Robomix Metal is a food processor complete with a set of accessories, covered in metal and equipped with a plastic blender cup. The cup, combined with the set of blades provided, allows you to chop, shred and blend any ingredient.Power     1,500W Locked Motor (800W)Speed     variable + PCup capacity     2.1 L max (1.2 L)Blender capacity     1.75 L maxSpatula     Chopper blade in stainless steel     Blending plastic blade     Whipping disk     Cutting disk with blade inserts - thin and thick slices     - thin and thick julienne     - stick    
Ariete Robo Max Food Processor+Glass Blender+Citrus
L£6,666,667 Save 45%
Food processor complete with set of accessories and equipped with a glass blender cup, which used with the set of blades supplied allows you to mince and  mix any ingredient. Power 2100W Locked Motor (1000W)     Variable speed + P     2L Machinable Chopper Capacity (3L total)     Workable blender capacity 1.5L (2L total)     Stainless steel chopper blade     Plastic blade for kneading     Disc for mounting     Disc with blade inserts for slicing, julienne and stick cutting     Juicer accessory    
Ariete RoboMix Food Processor, 2L, 700W
L£3,243,243 Save 45%
Multifunction and compact, Robomix Compact was designed to satisfy every kitchen requirement. It is equipped with a full set of accessories: plastic blade for kneading, professional steel blade for chopping, blender disc and interchangeable cutting discs (for slicing, julienne and French fries).Power output     500 WattsBowl capacity     2LtFull set of accessories     plastic blade, steel blade, blender disc and interchangeable cutting discs2 speeds + pulse