Tefal Turbo Silence Extreme
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It features five speed settings, including the Turbo Boost function, which delivers intense airflow, and the Silent Night position, which ensures you a refreshing, undisturbed sleep. Rounding it all off are intelligent features including a timer of up to 8 hours and the Decrescendo mode, which automatically decreases airflow every 15 minutes, keeping you comfortable. Maximum height: 1,40  m Number of settings: 5  
Honeywell Box Fan 40W
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Honeywell Box Fan 40W The 3 speed Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator provides a quiet and efficient means of cooling a surrounding area. The HT-900 is 25% quieter than its competitors and represents a superior selection for those seeking a relatively noiseless experience when it comes to emitting large amounts of cool air.  An adjustable fan head is fully capable of pivoting and reaching a 90° angle that can be used for direct cooling or circulating the air. Maximum air distribution is achieved via the inclusion of an Aerodynamic Turbo Design. This fan's small size and efficient output opens a wealth of installation options in the home, office or dorm setting. The availability of three selectable speeds carries the added bonus of potentially reducing energy expenses.