Advanced Grout Sealer
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Advanced Grout Sealer

Advanced Grout Sealer !

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Teflon® sealer provides oil and water repellency, stain resistance, and easy stain cleanup.
The Teflon® Porous and Non-Porous protector contain small Nano components.
Which penetrate, fill and spread over the surface creating an invisible barrier.
Which repels organic and inorganic pollutants.
Protection life can reach up to 2years on interior surfaces and 1year on exterior surfaces.
Uses: Grout for all kinds of natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tile and others.

Grout for all kinds of natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tile and others

1.    CLEAN THE SURFACE FIRST, otherwise dirt will be trapped and existing stains will be blocked in.
2.    SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE, ALWAYS TEST ON A SMALL AREA FOR COLOR CHANGE before applying the product on the whole surface.
3.    Surface temperature should be between 10o C and 26.7o C
4.    Mask off and protect any surfaces not intended to be treated
5.    Liberally apply an even coat using paint pad, roller, brush or low-pressure sprayer.
6.    Allow sealer to penetrate the surface for 30 minutes while spreading sealer over surface to ensure even penetration. Remove excess sealer by whipping entire surface thoroughly with a clean dry towel.
7.    If sealer was not completely wiped off and a residue appears, wipe, entire surface with a towel damped with sealer and follow with a clean towel
8.    Apply second coat 40 min. After first coat, following directions in steps 4 & 5
9.    A full cure is achieved after 24 hours. Surface may be used in 6-8 hours
10.    1 liter will cover around 60 linear meters.

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