Advanced Stone & Tile Cleaner
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Advanced Stone & Tile Cleaner

Advanced Stone & Tile Cleaner !

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A concentrated multi-purpose hard surface cleaner/sanitizer for use in residential care,housekeeping, leisure and building services cleaning applications.

It is formulated to remove soap scum and body fats, whilst at the same time leaving a fresh fragrance.Cleans floors, walls, toilet cubicles, showers, urinals, sluice rooms, wash basins, tiled areas and tables.

It contains a highly effective biocide and can be used as a damp wiping multi-purpose sanitizer in housekeeping and building services applications.

Remove soap and  grease, oil and other types of stubborn grime from a variety of surfaces, Tiles, floors, shower walls, bathrooms…

1.    Test on a small area
2.    Spray, sponge, mop or brush onto to the surface
3.    Agitate if necessary.
4.    Wipe and dry.

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