5 Liter Liquid Handsoap
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5 Liter Liquid Handsoap

5 Liter Liquid Handsoap !

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Antibacterial Hand soap that contains a biocide to help keep hands germ-free in commercial catering premises.
Ideal for hotels, schools, restaurants, building services cleaning and leisure facilities.
Kills bacteria and soft to hand.

• Antibacterial Hand soap is used directly from the refillable soap dispenser. Always make sure that soap dispensers are always filled with soap.
• Good personal hygiene standards are a critical area of cleaning and disinfection within the kitchen. Most food poisoning outbreaks occur not because of infected produce or poor temperature controls, but due to poor personal hygiene by food handlers.

Good Hand Washing Practice: Washing hands may seem easy but it can cause problems if not conducted properly. Ensure you wet your hands first then apply the soap. Remember chemicals need water to work. Make sure you clean your hands, in between your fingers and your finger nails properly. Finally, make sure you rinse all the soap off your hands once you have finished with clean water. Then dry with a paper towel. Keep Dispensers Hygienically Clean: As a frequently touched piece of equipment, care should be taken to ensure that the soap dispensers are kept hygienically clean and that residues of soap are periodically wiped
from surrounds of the dispenser and the vending nozzle.

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