Wood Protector
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Wood Protector

Wood Protector !

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Teflon® wood protector is a Nanotechnology product.
It is completely environmentally friendly.
A transparent layer penetrates into the porous of the wood.
And creates an invisible protection against any dirt, particles and from sunlight, moisture, moss, grasses …
which increases the durability of these wooden surfaces.
Teflon® protection Life Can Reach up to 2 years.

Wooden structures – Pergolas -Wooden garden furniture - Wooden boats - Wooden roofs and trusses -Wooden fences -Wooden floors

1.    SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE, ALWAYS TEST ON A SMALL AREA FOR COLOR CHANGE before applying the product on the whole surface.
2.    Apply the product vertically and horizontally (15cm away from surface) on the whole surface
3.    With a light sprayer or by a paint brush, using the sprayer make sure to put the nozzle on the spray side, not the Stream side.
4.    Allow drying and waiting for 24h before using the material.
5.    1 lit will cover around 25 m2 surface.

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