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MIX CARE Cleaning & Protection Products 

Sonorous Screen Cleaner
L£180,180 Save 47.5%
It can even be applied on Warm Screens and works on all CRT, TFT, LCD screens and stands and furniture. Sonorous Screen Saver is alcohol and ammonia free and contains no any petrochemical derivatives. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. Water-based and environmentally safe
Ariete Spraygun Sanijet + Pack of 10 powder Cleaner
L£4,324,324 Save 42.5%
Ariete Sani-Jet Sanitizing Nebulizer Sanitation is synonymous with safety. With Sani-Jet you can protect your home, workplace or anywhere else! Sani-Jet is the first compact sanitizing nebulizer, handy and easy to use steam cleaner specific for cleaning any surface or environment from Covid-19 *, thanks to the action of Sani-Jet Clean the sanitizing solution whose effectiveness has been tested on surfaces in which Covid-19 was present and which were perfectly sanitized**.