Taimbe Catuaba Liquor
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Catuaba is a typical Brazilian drink, crafted from many herbs and roots. Known as an aphrodisiac beverage, Taimbé CatuAçaí features the unique taste of the Brazilian Açaí and all its benefits! Country of Origin: Brasil. Weight: 90CL.Storage Condition: Ambient.
Riachi Red Wine Asplenium Cabernet Sauvignon
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Riachi Asplenium Cabernet Sauvignon Grande Reserve 2016 is a reflection of the qualities of this bold cabernet sauvignon and a tribute of our village, Khenchara (خنشارة), which also translates into fern.This grande reserve vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon is aged in white oak for 12 months which adds layers of complex tertiary aromas of vanilla, roasted coffee and baked chocolate to the varietal aromas of blackberries and black cherries and an assortment of savory black fruits.Asplenium is best served at a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and pairs wonderfully with red meat or game.
Riachi Arak Al Jouzour
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Riachi Arak Al Jouzour is triple distilled from Lebanese Obeideh grapes and green Levantine aniseed. It is then aged in Clay vats for 6 months and plate filtered, ensuring an unequalled, smooth taste. The traditional serving method is to mix one part arak with two parts water in a carafe, then pour into an ice filled glass.
Riachi Vodka Element Triple-distilled
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Element is a high purity vodka made from refined Saccharum Officinarum. It is fermented using high quality yeast and clarified pre-distillation to strip all impurities. We then distill the clarified wash using our high-tech fractional still 3 times, resulting in a purified and concentrated mixture of only alcohol C2H5OH and Water H2O.This marriage of tradition with technology results in an exceptionally smooth and neutral vodka that can be drunk neat or in any cocktail that you desire. 500 ml.