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Miel O Miels Pure Lebanese Oak Honey (900gr)
L£1,261,261 Save 75%
From field to your table, Miel O Miels honey is never anything more or less than nature intended it to be. It is never filtered or heated. It is extracted by centrifuge at room temperature. Miel O Miels apiaries includes hundreds of hives located in one of the most beautiful, greenest and ecologically richest Lebanese valleys, representing, through its diversified flora, a unique source for the development, health and vitality of our colonies. Hundreds of plant and tree varieties provide our bees, almost all year around, with high quality pollen and a rich combination of nectar's. (900gr) .
Homemade Corner Limoncello
L£1,896,631 Save 96.2%
Natural liqueur homemade from hand picked lemons. Their freshness and flavor is delivered in every bottle. Its versatility is almost endless – enjoy it neat, on the rocks, straight from the fridge, or mixed into cocktails and food recipes. For a crisp and authentic taste of Italy, none can compare!
Riachi Arak Al Jouzour
L£2,015,171 Save 96.2%
Riachi Arak Al Jouzour is triple distilled from Lebanese Obeideh grapes and green Levantine aniseed. It is then aged in Clay vats for 6 months and plate filtered, ensuring an unequalled, smooth taste. The traditional serving method is to mix one part arak with two parts water in a carafe, then pour into an ice filled glass.