Well Being

Tefal Classic Body Scale
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Practical and efficient, this electronic scale is easy to use.  Tefal Classic offers a maximum load of 160 kg, with a slim design that will easily find its place in your home.  Switching on automatically as soon as you step on the scale and switching off after 10 seconds without use. 
Grundig Body Scale Multi-Function Body Analyzer 150Kg Max
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Grundig Body Scale Multi-Function Body Analyzer 150Kg Max Digital body analyser scales for measurement of:  – Body weight in 100 g  – Body Mass Index (BMI)  – Body fat in 0.1 %, including weight interpretation (slim, normal, slightly overweight, overweight)  – Percentage of water in body tissue in 0.1 % as well as your ideal weight based on the data you entered  – Muscle ratio in 0.1 %  – Bone weight in comparison to body weight in kg  – Daily calories suggestion – Exact evaluation of the body water, fat and muscle composition is determined by a bio-impedance analysis  – Body weight measurement by precise 4 point measurement
iComfort Massage Cushion
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Massage cushions and pillows are ideal for those who sit for long periods of time, like office workers, providing excellent relief so you can comfortably complete tasks without feeling too much strain on your back and other joints or muscles.They help relax and support your back while you’re seated, removing knots and targeting acupressure points. Providing relief from back pain that can be triggered by poor posture, they can also help reduce spinal compression, and symptoms of sciatica. Thus, you might notice improved posture, and enjoy the benefits of support for proper spinal alignment.Overall, massage cushions and massage pillows help remove tension, sooth sore muscles, provide relief from stress and fatigue, and might even help improve blood circulation.