Moulinex Multifunction Robot Blender Set of 9
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Moulinex Multifunction Robot Blender Set of 9

Cook like a great chef with Moulinex’s Double Force Silver multifunctional robot!

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Cook like a great chef with Moulinex’s Double Force Silver  multifunctional robot!

with its numerous accessories, it is easy to make all kinds of preparations.

The use of the robot is simplified with each  motor output of different color:

– Purple  : for the use of the large chopper bowl (operates at low speed but with a powerful rotational force).
– Orange  : for use of the blender (operates at a fast speed but with a lower rotational force).

Double Strength and comes with many accessories to succeed all your preparations:

–  Steel cutter to cut all kinds of food.
– 2 reversible discs to slice or grate (thin and thick), scrape the vegetables and cheese.
– 2 liters blender raw  to make tasty kind of soups, smoothies …
– Dough to prepare pasta (cakes, pizza) .
– Mini chopper for finely chopping onions, garlic, herbs .
– Emulsifying disc for whipping cream, making whites in snow and emulsify sauces like mayonnaise .

The multifunction robot that combines strength and speed to succeed in the kitchen.

Quality materials
EasyLock exclusive locking system
Set of 9 accessories
Powerful and powerful multifunctional robot
6 setting options
Blender capacity: 2 L.
Max capacity of the bowl: 3 L.
Power: 1000 watt
Height: 40 cm
Width: 23 cm.

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