Linen Care

Conqueror Garment Fabric Steamer 2.5 L 1800 Watt
L£4,504,505 Save 25%
• Conqueror Garment Fabric Steamer 2.5 Liter Tank Capacity 1800 Watt Power • Ideal Aluminum Garment Steamer 1800 Watt easily removes all the fabric wrinkles • Built-in 2.5 Liter Tank capacity and Auto-off with 9-hole stainless steel nozzles • Quick heat up in 32 second with continues steam for 32 minutes • Flat power cable 1.30 meter in length with VDE plug 
Westinghouse Garment Heavy Duty 1.5 L
L£1,981,982 Save 25%
• Professional heavy-duty 2000 Watt Garment Steamer with 2 steam levels that easily remove fabric wrinkles, sterilize and deodorize • Built-in 1.5 liter capacity Tank, Control knob, indicating light, Auto-off and over-heating protection • Anti-drip Design prevents water spills and wet trails • Power Cord with 2 round pin Plug and 1.3-meter cord length
Steamone S-Nomad
L£4,684,685 Save 40%
Powerful and ready in 45 seconds, you can steam all your outfits in record time. Its ultra-compact design and universal bottle connector optimises the space in your cupboards or suitcase. Don’t worry about creased garments, the S-Nomad will be your style partner every day, home or away! * Power: 1600 watts * Steam flow: 25 g/min * Water tank: 100 ml * Universal bottle connector.
Ariete Steam Iron Ceramic 2200W
L£1,801,802 Save 32.5%
Top-level design, capacity and features distinguish the 6243 model that, thanks to the bi-directional ceramic plate and a 2200W power, is the ideal iron for a professional, effective and fast ironing. The equipment is completed by the 320ml tank, the ergonomic soft-touch handle, the autocleaning system, the anti-dripping system and the anti-limestone system.
Ariete Garment Steamer White 2200W
L£7,207,207 Save 32.5%
The warm-up time is 50 seconds, thanks to which the device is perfect for emergency situations, when you need to leave the house quickly and the clothes in the wardrobe are creased. The steamer is safe for fabrics, so you don’t have to worry about burning them. The shot of steam is 48 g / min, and 4 levels of settings will allow you to adjust the power to your needs.
Ariete Travel Kit Iron + Kettle 820W
L£2,882,883 Save 32.5%
Foldable kettle with silicone body and foldable handle. The lid with integrated filter opens with a simple click and the functional fabric travel case allows you to place the kettle among your belongings. Despite being a travel product, it is equipped with an 800ml tank and above all with double voltage to be used anywhere. Travel Chic Iron, dual voltage, foldable handle for vertical ironing even without an ironing board, steam boost.
Ariete Steam Station 6 Bar
L£10,630,631 Save 32.5%
The Ariete Steam Power iron is equipped with a removable and easily refillable 1.8-liter boiler, a power of 2200 Watts and a continuous jet of steam up to 100 grams per minute. With Steam Power by Ariete you can iron all types of fabric saving time and stress, because it guarantees excellent ironing performance, an intuitive and easy-to-use design and all the power you need.
Ariete Portable Garment Steamer
L£2,378,378 Save 32.5%
The portable garment steamer is the vertical ironing machine designed to ensure easy vertical ironing of creased fabrics or to reinvigorate garments which have been stored for a long time in the wardrobe. Steam immediately ready, lightweight and easy to handle, the vertical ironing machine supplies a powerful and efficient steam, able to immediately give back radiance to shirts and sweaters.
Ariete Steam Iron Travel 800W
L£1,261,261 Save 32.5%
An 800 Watts iron that thanks to the "vertical steam" system permits ironing anywhere, even without the ironing board. Compact, light and easy to handle and supplied with a practical carrier, the Travel Chic iron can be easily taken with you on your travels. Thanks to the folding handle, the steam power and the non-stick soleplate allows the Travel Chic iron to iron impeccably wherever you are!
Ariete EcoPower Steam Iron
L£7,207,207 Save 32.5%
New ironing system from the EcoPower family, with comfy handle for easy carrying. The large reservoir (1.7 litres) can be removed for interruption-free ironing. The special anti-scale cartridge guarantees maximum efficiency against the buiold up of scale; an integrated cord winder in the base means it is easy to store, while the innovative Non-Stick soleplate makes this iron an unbeatable friend in the battle against the most stubborn creases.
Tefal Express Anti-Calc 6.5 Bars
L£7,324,324 Save 37.5%
The Express anti-calc steam generator iron brings together an advanced maintenance system with outstanding steam power that's ideal for any fabric, delivering fast and easy results with a performance that was built to last. Power: 2800  W Steam output: 120  g/min Steam boost: 450  g/min Water pump: 6.5  bar Water tank capacity: 1.8  L
Tefal Express Anti-Calc 6.2 Bars
L£7,039,414 Save 37.5%
The Express anti-calc steam generator iron brings together an advanced maintenance system with outstanding steam power that's ideal for any fabric, delivering fast and easy results with performance that was built to last. Power: 2800  W Steam output: 120  g/min Steam boost: 410  g/min Water pump: 6.2  bar Heat up time: 2  min Water tank capacity: 1.8  L
Tefal Express Easy Control
L£9,130,631 Save 37.5%
The easiest and gentlest ironing on all fabrics Designed for simplicity seekers, the easy-to-use Express Easy features "no-setting-needed technology": no more need to sort your linen and no risk of burning your fabrics. Power: 2400W Steam boost: 300g/ min Water tank capacity: 1.7L
Tefal Access Steam
L£3,388,514 Save 37.5%
This handheld garment steamer is small, lightweight, very compact and represents an ideal solution for any household. It can also serve as a reliable travel companion. The 1600 W power consumption makes it suitable for all kinds of fabrics such as wool, cotton, polyester or elastane. Steam output 26g/min Vertical steam and rapid warming Container volume: 190ml Cable length: 3 m
Tefal Fasteo
L£4,387,387 Save 37.5%
Combining exceptional speed and convenience, the Fasteo steam generator iron is perfectly suited to the demands of a busy lifestyle. Vertical steaming functions are also available for suits, delicate fabrics and even curtains. Power: 2200  W Steam output: 100  g/min Steam boost: 180  g/min Water pump: 5,2  bar Water tank capacity: 1,2  L
Tefal Effectis
L£6,021,396 Save 37.5%
The first ultra compact high pressure steam generator The new Tefal high-pressure steam generator comes with an ultra compact design with no compromise on results or performance, delivering 5 bars of high steam pressure. The 1.4L water tank provides easy refill at any time while ironing. Power: 2200W   Steam output: 100  g/min Heat up time: 2  min Power cord length: 1.7  m
Tefal Express Compact Anti-Calc
L£6,835,586 Save 37.5%
High pressure steam generator equipped with the exclusive scale collector invented by Tefal. It captures particles day after day and guaranties long lasting performances. More over you can refill very easily the water tank at any time of your session. Tank capacity: 1.6 Liters Power: 2200 watts Steam pressure: 5 Bar
Tefal New Maestro Blue
L£1,662,162 Save 37.5%
A continuous steam output of 40 g/minute ensures high-efficiency ironing sessions, with a 130 g steam boost to smooth out stubborn wrinkles and creases. With an impressive set of features – including anti-drip protection, a high-capacity easy-filling water tank with visible water level, anti-calc protection, and more – the iron Maestro delivers efficiency and convenience, for easy ironing every time. Power: 2500 W  Steam boost: 130 g/min Soleplate Technology: ceramic   Water tank capacity: 270  ml
Tefal Ultimate Pure Anti-Calc
L£4,898,649 Save 37.5%
3200W of power produces a rapid heat-up time and a variable steam output of up to 60g/min ensures high-efficiency ironing, while a 260g/min steam boost offers enough raw steam power to tackle even the most stubborn creases. Power: 3200W Continuous steam output: 60 g/min Setting of steam & temperature: Automatic steam   Water tank capacity: 350  ml Micro-Calc Filter 
Tefal Pro Express X-Pert Care
L£12,388,514 Save 37.5%
With Pro Express X-Pert Care, give your garments the care they deserve. Its double protection keeps garments looking their best, while high-pressure steam and 5 optimal steam-temperature settings ensure perfectly ironed fabrics. Steam boost: 500 g/min Water container capacity: 1600 ml Weight: 4.725 kg Steam pressure: 7,5 bar Heat up time: 2 min
Tefal Fasteo Iron 5 bar
L£2,534,106 Save 37.5%
The Fasteo steam generator iron produces superb results in no time, with a compact design for maximum convenience. Warming up for only 2 minutes, the Fasteo steam generator will be an excellent solution for quick and convenient care of your clothes. Powerful steam up to 5 bar for fast and good ironing results. Steam boost up to 150g/min for ironing thick fabrics or removing stubborn creases. Tank capacity: 1.2 L
Tefal EcoMaster Blue
L£1,229,730 Save 37.5%
The energy-saving Eco Mode reduces energy use up to 25%, while 1800W of power produces quick results and a 24 g/minute continuous steam output ensures high-efficiency ironing sessions. Power: 1800  W Continuous steam output: 24 g/min Steam boost: 80 g/min Water tank capacity: 200 ml
Tefal Pro Express Total
L£10,639,640 Save 37.5%
Designed for demanding ironers, Pro Express Total is a high-pressure steam generator, equipped with the 3-setting technology. "Delicates", "Normal", "Jeans" At the same time, the exclusive calc-collector allows for long-lasting steam performance. Power: 2400  W Steam pressure: 6,5  bar Setting of steam & temperature: Electronic 3 settings   Heat up time: 2  min Water tank capacity: 1,6  L
Tefal Pro Express Care
L£13,081,081 Save 37.5%
With Pro Express X-Pert Care, give your garments the care they deserve. Its double protection keeps garments looking their best, while high-pressure steam and 5 optimal steam-temperature settings ensure perfectly ironed fabrics. Power: 2400  W Steam pressure: 7.5  bar Setting of steam & temperature: Electronic 5 settings   Heat up time: 2  min Water tank capacity: 1.6  L
Tefal Access Steam Upgrade
L£3,123,874 Save 37.5%
Thanks to the steamer's revolutionary design and heated soleplate technology, it removes wrinkles in a single vertical movement, with no need for an ironing board - perfect for last-minute and on-the-go steam sessions. Power: 1600   Heat-up time: 40  s Steam Setting: 2      Water tank capacity: 190  ml
Tefal Prostyle Garment Steamer
L£3,640,766 Save 37.5%
Easily removes creases on all type of fabric, including the most delicate, thanks to its adjustable steam output.  Suitable for all varieties of garments, perfect for last-minute touch-ups and everyday steaming needs 1700 W of power and a continuous steam output of 30 g/minute for efficient steaming sessions Quick 45-second heat-up time Removable 1,5 L water tank for greater convenience
Tefal Expert Precision Abaya
L£8,250,000 Save 37.5%
Ready to go in only 45 seconds, a continuous steam output of 35 g/minute smoothes out wrinkles quickly and efficiently, while the precision shot delivers spot-on precision on demand by letting you choose between concentrated or diffused steam.  It makes it the ideal appliance to steam abayas & long dresses. Water tank capacity: 3.2 L
Tefal Pro Express Ultimate Iron
L£11,371,622 Save 37.5%
Pro Express Ultimate puts professional efficiency in the palm of your hand, with exceptional results for even the most demanding garment care needs. This easy-to-use high pressure steam generator produces shorter ironing sessions and peak efficiency through combining new high pressure boiler technology with a continuous steam output of up to 120 g/minute. Steam output: 120  g/min Steam boost: 520  g/min Steam pressure: 8  bars Water tank capacity: 1.9  L
Tefal Ultimate Anti-Calc Iron
L£4,752,252 Save 37.5%
Super-powerful steam and perfect ironing results It combines high steam for easy crease removal with the unique Tefal Lime Tank for long-lasting performance. A continuous burst of 55 g / min of steam gives quick and visible results, an additional burst of 220 g / min of steam removes even the most stubborn creases, and 2800 W of power ensure a short heat-up time.
Tefal Turbo Pro
L£3,662,162 Save 37.5%
The new Turbo Boost system designed by Tefal produces very large amounts of steam, with a propulsion power of up to 220 g / min to remove even the most stubborn wrinkles. The variable steam of 50 g / min produces fast and efficient results, and due to the high power of 2,600 W it heats up quickly and ensures outstanding performance. Power: 2600 W Shot of steam:220 g/min Anti-drip system Anti-calc filter Autoclean
Tefal Master Precision 360 Garment Steamer
L£4,923,423 Save 37.5%
One-handed comfort and ease Tefal’s Master Precision 360° Garment Steamer is a versatile and easy-to-use steaming tool that provides efficient results in no time, with great performance even in tricky, hard-to-reach areas through the precision shot feature. Power: 1500 W Steam output: 30 g/min Heat-up time: 45 s Water tank capacity: 2,5 L Power cord length: 2 m
Tefal Smart Protect Iron
L£3,356,982 Save 37.5%
The iron is made with a resistant and sleek Durilium soleplate surface, which is perfect for ironing thin and delicate textiles. The iron is great for ironing big piles of garments, since it frees you from having to frequently replenish the water in the 270 ml water tank. Power: 2600 W Continuous steam output: 40 g/min Steam boost: 180 g
Tefal Steam Iron Access Blue
L£1,324,324 Save 37.5%
This extremely light steam iron features a non-stick soleplate and an ergonomic steam trigger for easy ironing. Practical, easy to use, for better rendering. Increased power for instant heating and breathtaking results.  Power: 2000 W Variable steam: from 0 to 25g / min Steam pressing: 75g / min