Barista Icepresso
LBP 72,072
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We gave your favorite coffee a summery twist! Barista new capsules are made to be paired with ice for a cool refreshing brew. A box of 10 capsules and can be used with any Barista capsules compatible machine (leaflet of its usage details included in the box).
Russell Hobbs Coffee Grinder
LBP 1,368,468
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Russell Hobbs Coffee Grinder. The grinding thickness adjustment gives you full control and the ability to match the coffee to your preferences. Grinding thickness adjustment. Plastic container for ground coffee. Stylish, multi-colored design. Anti-slip silicone band around the grain container. Easy to clean housing.
Davidoff Oriental Style
LBP 272,048
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Indulge your senses with an authentic medium roast coffee with a full body, revealing fine earthy note. Made of 100% choicest Arabica beans from pre-dominantly Brazilian origin, individually roasted and very finely ground, this unique blend unfolds its typical oriental character with a fresh and invigorating aroma. 250 gr