Coffee Machines & Pots

Tefal Turkish Coffee Maker
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Tefal turkish coffee maker with foam 4 cups capacity. Two different cooking functions: normal cooking and roasting    4 cups capacity    Touch panel    Light and Sound warning system Intelligent sensor system to prevent overflow    Double-sided coffee pot, double-sided measuring spoon: 7 g - 8 g
Braun HH Coffee Maker
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The new PurAroma 7 models feature excellent coffee technology and premium design. Like every Braun coffee maker, they also feature the OptiBrewSystem for maximum coffee flavour by optimizing temperature, brewing time and extraction. And the AromaCarafe ensures that your coffee stays longer hot and retains its aroma. *Power: 1000W *Number of cups: 12 *1-4 cups setting / Coffee strenght selector *Programmable 24 hour timer.
Ariete Vintage Espresso Machine
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Espresso machine with an elegant and stylish design, in vintage style, enriched with precious pastel colours details with metallic finishes. With its 15 bar pression, filter holder for pods and powder (1 and 2 cups), removable cup holder and drip tray, it lets you prepare coffee and cappuccino at home, intense and creamy like the ones you can taste in a bar.
Ariete Milk Foamer, Tea, Coffee Station 3in1
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With Breakfast Station it is possible creating many different breakfasts with coffee, milk, tea or any other  infusion, in a few steps and in a few minutes: by activating the electric moka and kettle/frother at the same time and by choosing between 5 functions - moka, hot and cold frothing, boiling at 80° or 100°. Just turn on the imagination and start the day with a new flavor.
Ariete Metal Espresso Machine Coffee Maker
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Ariete Metal Espresso Machine Coffee Maker, Powder or Pods, Hot Water Dispenser and Milk Frother for Barista Style Teas and Coffees, Without Grinder . Bring the taste of authentic Italian barista style coffee to your kitchen with the Ariete Espresso Machine from the Metal range    With 1000 W power and 15 bar pressure create rich, full bodied coffees with café quality results    Use the 1 or 2 cup coffee dispensers for ground coffee powder or ESE pods    Use the steam wand to froth your milk to the silky micro-foam barista style levels to create lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites    Other features include: Full stainless steel body, Refillable and removable 1.5 Litre water tank, 1 or 2 cup coffee dispensers for Powder or ESE Pods, Hot water dispenser, stainless steel milk jug
Ariete Metal Espresso Coffee Machine With Coffee Grinder
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This espresso coffee machine with integrated coffee grinder is a real jewel, a precious design object, made entirely of stainless steel and dedicated to true lovers of espresso. Power     1600WStainless steel body     15 bar pressure with pressure gauge     Maxi Cappuccino device     Removable tank     2L capacityIntegrated coffee grinder     Knob for adjusting the coffee grinder     Coffee bean hopper     220gr capacityCup heating base     Removable drip tray   
Ariete Espresso Pump Retro
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Is the modern style design with easy to use features. Steel body in metal finish, toggle switches with indicator lights, temperature gauge, quality steaming and frothing with maxi cappuccino device.    Power 850W    Pump 15 bar    Boiler Aluminum    Maxi Cappuccino device    Heavy filter holder for ESE pods    Heavy filter holder for ground coffee    Removable metal tray for easy cleaning    Tank Capacity 1 Lt
Ariete Novecento Vintage Style Pump Coffee Machine 1150 W
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Power 1150 Watts    Pump: 15 Bar    Professional brass filter holder    Water Tank Capacity 1 litre    Milk Froth DeviceThis Ariete Espresso coffee machine boasts an elegant, sophisticated line with a body made entirely of chrome-plated metal, complete with top quality nishes and details. Its professional brass  holder with Thermocream System dispenses an intense and creamy coffee, while milk is whipped in just a few seconds with the Maxi-Cappuccino device. Thermometer in clear sight, removable tank and removable coffee grounds drawer for easy cleaning. Self-priming system. Removable water tank. Standby Function.
Ariete Espresso Matisse Machine
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A modern and compact espresso coffee machine. The pressure at which coffee is brewed is 15 BAR. Perfect for every coffee lover, it allows you to quickly and easily prepare tasty coffee.The espresso machine was made with accuracy and precision. The material from which the device’s housing was built is resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. In addition, it is light and very handy in transport.The product is also easy to use, has three function buttons and a standby function. The cup tray is made of stainless steel.A big advantage is the removable water container, which allows easy cleaning and keeping the coffee machine clean.Power: 850 W.Capacity 0.8L
Ariete Espresso Pump Miro
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Espresso machine with compact modern design.    Power 850 W    Tank capacity 0.9 litres    Pump 15 bar    Safety valve    Ground coffee/ESE pods    Maxi Cappuccino device    Removable drip trayThanks to the special filter holder, it can make you an excellent coffee with both ground coffee beans and E.S.E. It is ideal for those who love their coffee to have an intense aroma, or creamy cappuccinos light the ones from a coffee shop. The modern design means this appliance can sit beautifully in any kitchen, while its compact size makes it perfect for smaller spaces.
Ariete Classica Espresso 850W
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From its experience and research activity, Ariete has created the new Classic Range. This new range of exclusive and valuable products is the result of a successful combination of design, elegance, efficiency and high-quality. The Classical range, with its timeless style, perfectly suits any domestic environment and satisfies the most refined tastes. Power     850 WBoiler pressure 15 barCapacity     0.9 L
Breville Coffee Grinder 450G 165W
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Breville Coffee Grinder 450G 165W Stainless steel conical burrs designed to minimize grinding heat and protect the essential oils in the coffee bean. 60 precise grind settings from the finest Espresso to the coarsest French Press Grind. Precision Electronic Timer allows users to adjust grind time in 0.2 second increments and consistent dose every time. 18 ounce coffee bean capacity with locking system for easy removal, storage, and transfer of the bean hopper. Grind directly into portafilter, grinds container, gold tone filter basket or paper filter.
Gorenje Turkish Coffee Maker 0.3L 300W
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Gorenje Turkish Coffee Maker 0.3L 300W Power cord is attached to the separate power base so you can fill and pour freely. Power base is equipped with cord storage for easy handling of the power cord. All-round rotation facility ensures easy handling of the kettle. No more cord tangling, as you can put the pot on the base from whatever side you wish. CUP CAPACITY: 4 CUPS
Ariete Vintage Cappucino, Coffe & Milk Frother
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Multipurpose milk frother, easy to use, with a 500W power and a 140ml capacity for frothed milk and 250ml for hot milk. The transparent cap allows the control of the froth, and with a single button you can activate 2 functions: hot and cold froth. It's ideal for the preparation of different drinks in every moment: coffee and milk, cappuccino, milk cream, shaken coffee, hot or cold chocolate. The non-stick coating makes the cleaning super-easy. Automatically goes off and keeps the external surfaces cool.
KitchenAid Artisan Burr Grinder
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Unleash your inner creativity and reveal the true chef inside of you . The Artisan Burr Grinder allows you to grind your favourite coffee beans, choosing between 15 different grades. So you always have the ideal grind to suit even the most demanding palate. Included in the box: Burr Cleaning Brush, Coffee scoop.