Coffee Machines

Ariete Vintage Cappucino, Coffe & Milk Frother
LBP1,580,935 Save 22.5%
Multipurpose milk frother, easy to use, with a 500W power and a 140ml capacity for frothed milk and 250ml for hot milk. The transparent cap allows the control of the froth, and with a single button you can activate 2 functions: hot and cold froth. It's ideal for the preparation of different drinks in every moment: coffee and milk, cappuccino, milk cream, shaken coffee, hot or cold chocolate. The non-stick coating makes the cleaning super-easy. Automatically goes off and keeps the external surfaces cool.
KitchenAid Artisan Burr Grinder
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Unleash your inner creativity and reveal the true chef inside of you . The Artisan Burr Grinder allows you to grind your favourite coffee beans, choosing between 15 different grades. So you always have the ideal grind to suit even the most demanding palate. Included in the box: Burr Cleaning Brush, Coffee scoop.