Bio Garden Natural Olive Oil With Red Chilli Bio Garden Natural Olive Oil With Red Chilli
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Bio Garden Natural Olive Oil With Red Chilli

Spice up your meals with Bio Garden's Olive Oil With Red Chili. This natural blend of olive oil and red chili gives you the perfect choice for adding a kick to your dishes. Buy online on flavored olive oils at the best price in Lebanon.

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Whether you're making salads, sautéing vegetables or marinating meats, this oil is guaranteed to take things up a notch. Enjoy its delicate and sweet aroma as it adds depth and flavor to your favorite recipes. And, of course, its health benefits will have you feeling good all around. For the ultimate flavor journey, it's time to get creative with Olive Oil With Red Chili.

100 % Natural - Vegan - Trans Fat Free - Non GMO - Preservatives Free - Artificial Colors Free

Health Benefits of Olive Oil :

Extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest type of olive oil (the least processed) - Protects against inflammation, chronic diseases, heart diseases, breast cancer and type 2 diabetes- Protects LDL (bad) cholesterol from oxidation.

Health Benefits of Red Chili: Helps in supporting the immune system and combat chronic diseases - Prevents heart ailments (clears blockages in blood vessels and arteries)-  Improves digestive health and metabolism - Alleviates migraines - Fights fungal infections, colds and flu - Reduces risks of cancer.

Nutritional facts of Olive Oil:Rich in heart healthy fats - Rich in disease fighting antioxidants - Rich in vitamins E and K

Nutritional facts of Red Chili: Rich in vitamin A, C, B 6 , K 1 Potassium, Copper - Rich in antioxidants

Delicious ways to use Olive Oil With Red Chilli:

Add it to pasta dishes and pizza to spice it u p

Goes well with seafood pasta or seafood risotto

Can be added to hot plates to give it a boost

Net weight: 250ML

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